The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Christmas train

This year we took the girls to Christmas Train.   Our church puts on this wonderful event every year and we were lucky to get tickets to go. They had a blast and so did we!  Here are a few pics.

Getting ready to see Santa in these pics!

Before the puppet show!  

Love that guy!

Belle and Aunt Buh-Buh.

The girls were not sure what to think about Santa. They were totally quiet and would not sit on his lap!

I hope that this can be a tradition for our family but tickets are pretty hard to come by!  Either way, I know we made some great memories with our girls!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lawson's adenoids

first, i realize it has been awhile.  second, i don't care.  i am going to attempt to get in some posts before baby numero cuatro gets here.  i am really, really, really far behind in the blogging.  i am going to blog about christmas for crying out loud!  but first, adenoids.

isabelle was the first of my children, and i think of anyone in my entire family, to have her adenoids out.  she was three and it feels like forever ago.  she had several very obvious symptoms and the changes after she had the surgery were dramatic and wonderful.  it would seem logical then, that when lawson had similar symptoms i would have connected all the dots, but nope, missed the signs pretty much totally.

during the last several months of 2013, lawson's sleeping habits were terrible.  i'm not sure if it started with a sickness or what, but somehow jason and i ended up sleeping in lawson's room, every night, sitting up and rocking him.  it was terrible.  laying him down was out of the question and if you tried, he was up again in a matter of minutes.  but hold him and he was sleeping pretty well.  he was SO congested..... and he was snoring like an old, obese, man.  jason and i were exhausted.  

then, one day at our mother's of preschoolers group, one of the childcare workers mentioned how funny it was that lawson snored so loud.  i don't know why it hit me then, but it year olds shouldn't snore. that combined with his obvious lack of interest in food made me start thinking we had a problem.  then i remembered how much he was sweating while he was sleeping (a sign you are working too hard to breathe). so off to the ent we went.  and turns out, he needed surgery.  

to say i was less than thrilled to be signing up for another surgery for lawson in less than 12 months would be an understatement.  but, hey, i was all for figuring out how to get some sleep so we scheduled the first available surgery appointment.

lawson did great.  recovery was a little tricky.  anyone who tells you that your kid will be feeling fine that same day after surgery is lying.  it takes some time and rest, and assuming your kid doesn't get pneumonia like lawson, i think after about a week, they are back to normal.  and then, guess what, lawson started sleeping through the night.  like all night.  in his crib.  not being held.  it was freaking wonderful.  

i am so glad we recognized what was going on when we did.  i can't imagine what it would have been like trying to do surgery and have a newborn around (oh wait, that's what happened when isabelle had her surgery...lawson was a newborn!)  seriously, i am glad.  it gave jason and i two months of sleep before baby weston gets here.

if your kiddo snores, has trouble eating or is a picky eater, has dry and cracked lips from being a mouth breather, sweats in their sleep, or wakes up multiple times each night, you might have an adenoid problem.  i encourage you to check with your ent. surgery was the best choice for both isabelle and lawson and i am so happy we did it!