The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Thursday, May 30, 2013

pics from our trip, part one

these are just a few of the pictures we took while on our "vacation" to the lake over memorial day!  

moll loves sleeping on the boat

my girls on our last boat ride

lawson sporting his new hat and swimming trunks

fun at ha ha tonka state park

isabelle and dad fishing together

i think she looks about 16 here  

despite the fact that the water was freezing, both girls swam

j is a great dad to be in that water with them

my kids love the lake.  it is hard driving there and back as they aren't great travelers, but to hear them giggle and see them high five each other when we get there makes it worth it (mostly).  we fit a lot into this trip so i will have some more pics tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Few Things About Laws

Lots of exciting things have been happening with my little man.  I thought it was time for an update.

First, Lawson is now a walker.  I know, it only took 16 months, but still.  The day we celebrated my birthday with family, he decided to stand up and start walking.  He still crawls a little, but mostly he is walking.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Next, he got his first tooth.  And now his second, third and fourth are all trying to make an appearance at the same time.  He is beyond cranky, having a hard time sleeping, has a constant runny nose and is producing nice and disgusting diapers.  All hallmarks of teething for my kiddos.  Fun times.

Also, he is climbing up into things.  He started climbing up on the ottoman in the living room, but quickly progressed to the rocking chair in his room.  I tried to get a good pic, but he wouldn't stop rocking!  He was quite proud of himself.

Another change coming our way is speech therapy.  Lawson isn't much of a talker.  I have been a little concerned with his speech so I took him for an evaluation today.  We will start sometime this week or next and I am looking forward to it.  I think (as do the therapists) that a large part of the problem is from when he had fluid in his ears and wasn't hearing all that well.

Lastly, for today, Lawson is finally big enough for his car seat that we bought back when he turned one.  My girls both hit the weight limit on the infant car seat right at their first birthday, so we assumed Lawson would also.  Not the case.  But, we have been working very hard to get him to put on some weight and I am proud to report that he is over 20 lbs now and if my scale is correct, close to 22 lbs.   We still have some work to do but he is making progress and I am happy.

I love my sweet little guy.   

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Bucket List

I made a summer bucket list last year and while we didn't get to everything I had hoped, having a list helped me with ideas when the days were long and hot and the kids wanted something fun to do.  Because I seem to operate better with a list, I thought I would do one again this year.  Many items will be the same, because, let's face it, they are easy, fun and cheap.  But a couple are new to this year!

Get snow cones
Make sidewalk paint
Get ice cream from ice cream man
Take a boat ride
Go to splash pad 
Go on a picnic
Swimming at grandmas
Have a cookout
Pick berries
Make bubbles
Go visit Dad at work for lunch
Have a playdate with friends
Play in sprinkler
Set up pool in backyard
Watch fireworks
Make an art project for Dad
Movie night at home with snacks
Have a water balloon fight
Make ice cream in a bag
Attend story time at the library
Make edible finger paints
Go to Top That Pizza (girls LOVE this place)
Visit the Jenks Aquarium
Fly kites
Make lollipops
Go on a nature scavenger hunt
Create own tshirts
Make bathtub paints
Play board games
Make fluffy stuff
Catch fireflies
Have a root beer float

While I really hate summer here in OK because of the heat, I do look forward to making memories with my kiddos during this time of year! What items are on your summer bucket list?  Did I forget anything important? 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oh yeah, I have a blog!

So, I've been slacking in the blogging department lately.  I blame it on doing school with Isabelle.  We do our school day during the time Lawson is taking his nap which was when I normally did my blogging!!  

I decided that I would share pics of our new picnic table that Jason built in order to get back into the swing of things.  Luckily, I have about 10 more posts in my brain that I am ready to write, so hopefully I will get back to some sort of regular schedule.

After Jason built our deck last year we were blessed with some patio furniture from one of Jason's clients.  And while we were very thankful for free furniture, it wasn't super functional for us or the kids.  The chairs sat too low for the girls to sit and eat at the table and reclined too far for adults to eat!  So while they were great for just chillin' in the backyard, they didn't serve any purpose other than that and the table was basically useless.

Fast forward to me finding the wonderful world of  This is the same place we found the plan for the beds we made for Isabelle and Molly.  I love this site and her plans are great and so when I saw this picnic table I knew it was perfect for us.

We sold the other furniture and bought materials for this beauty.  Here is the link for the plan

first lunch at the new table

Jason did all the work, of course, but I did help paint.  And since I had to watch the kids and keep them from running out to the garage while he was working, I figure WE did make the table.  Haha.  It is so nice and the girls love to have their lunch outside.  It would figure that right after we finished it we had a bit of weather that prevented us from doing much eating outside!  Now that it is nice again, we plan to spend more time at our new table.  

If you need a picnic table and are handy with tools, this table might be a good fit for you.  Cost wise it was about the same as buying a new picnic table and painting it yourself, but quality wise it is much, much nicer.

Thanks to my wonderful hubby for putting up with me finding him new projects to build all the time!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pete the Cat and other favorite books

I attempt to make reading a priority in our house.  I love reading and grew up loving reading and I hope my kids have the same passion for it that I do.  Because I love reading it should come as no surprise that I love buying good books for my kiddos.  One thing that drives me crazy is bad children's books.  And there seem to be a ton of them.  So, I thought I would share some of our favorites in case you are looking for some good books for your little ones.  And, I would love any suggestions you have for me!

First, Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck!

We checked this one out from the library and it became an instant hit with the girls.  Now, we own it and we can read it as much as we want!  It is a very cute tale of a boy trying to escape hugs and kisses from his Auntie Elsie.

Next, Pete the Cat's I Love My White Shoes.

The girls love, love, love this book.  It is one of the books we have read so many times that they can "read" it with me.  I really like this book also!  And, it was another book we found by checking it out at the library and then buying it.

We also love the Jesus Storybook Bible.  Like a lot.  This is a must have for every family in my opinion.  We try to read to the girls from this every night.  We don't always get to it, but we have been through the whole book more than once and they don't seem to be tired of it yet!

A couple of books that we love, but have yet to purchase are Duck Tents and Can I Just Take a Nap??

These have been checked out multiple times from the library and when we have them we read them over and over again.  The first is about a group of five ducks going camping and the second is about Aiden McDoodle trying to find a quiet place to take a nap!  Great books!

Molly's favorite book, Everyone Poops.

Isabelle's favorite, Cat in the Hat.

And Lawson's favorite, the only book he sits still for, Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site.  (thanks, Rochelle!)

So there you go, just a sampling of the books we love and that we read on a regular basis at our house.  What are your favorite children's books?