The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Interview with Isabelle-Age 6

I am continuing my tradition of interviewing the kids on their birthday!  You can see last year's interview here.

Favorite Food:  Pizza 

Isabelle also loves crunchy chicken (still) with noodles and broccoli but has also added cheeseburgers and my PW meatballs to the list of things she will eat.  However, she still hates spag or stroganoff, and most all soups.

Least favorite food:  Stroganoff

There really isn't a lot my kids will eat right now.  You can almost bet that if you are at my house at 5:30 pm you will hear, "I don't like that."

Favorite Color:  Red

Favorite TV Show:  Phineas and Ferb

Isabelle still loves Wildkratts and most PBS shows too.

Favorite Movie:  Tangled

Best Friend:  Jaynie

Jaynie is a new friend Isabelle met at Awana this year.  I love seeing them holding hands and spending time together on Wednesday nights

Favorite Toy:  Bear Bear

Other favorites include her dolls (tinkerbelle, rosetta, rapunzel, and other barbies), playing dress up and her bike.  She learned how to ride without training wheels and now wants to ride all the time.

Favorite Book:  1001 Things

Isabelle is reading now, so she also enjoys easy reader books that she can read on her own.  She has also shown a love for writing her own stories!  I may have an author on my hands!

Favorite Snack:  Cookies

I am not a snack mom.  I usually don't have snacks but Isabelle LOVES snacks.  She eats pretzels, string cheese, popcorn, clementines, apples or grapes for her afternoon snack!

What do you want to be when you grow up:  Art Teacher

What does mom do all day:  Work and change poop.  (surprisingly accurate)

What does dad do all day?  Work

Coolest person you know?  Dad

Favorite Song?  Shake it off

She loves this song but we are trying to avoid the word "hella" in the song so we sing, "hello, good hair," instead.

Isabelle is such a joy.  She is easy, easy going, kind, helpful, considerate, generous, loving and so much more.  It is hard to believe she is six and while it makes me so sad that my baby is getting older, I am so proud of the girl she has become.  She is so smart and so funny and so beautiful and I thank God for her everyday!