The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I am a mom of a five year old. What????

Isabelle is five.

Isabelle is five.

ISABELLE IS FIVE.  I am in a bit of denial.  Isabelle is also.  She told us multiple times that she did NOT want to turn five.

I am continuing my tradition of doing an interview with her on her bday, so here goes.

Favorite food?  Pizza, crunchy chicken, chicken noodle soup from a can (NOT homemade), and pancakes.

Least favorite food?  Stroganoff

Favorite color?  Red

Favorite TV show?  Calliou

Favorite movie?  Toy Story

Best friend?  Hannah (it is really Molly!)

Favorite toy? Bear Bear

Favorite book?  If I Were a Jungle Animal (the book we happened to have out at the moment!)

Favorite Snack?  Fruit Snacks

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Teacher

What does mom do all day?  Clean

What does dad do all day?  Work

Coolest person you know?  Mom

Favorite song?  I obey right away.

From my perspective,

Her loves include "doing school," coloring or anything art related, playing with her sister, being outside, donuts on Saturday mornings, church, spending time with family, the tv show Wildkratts, black leggings, singing and dancing, listening to KXOJ (the christian music channel) at bedtime, having a backpack, sleeping without pajamas, crunchy chicken for dinner, taking showers, reading books, playing on the ipad,  helping out around the house with the dishwasher and laundry, and waving at people from the front door as they drive off.

Things she's not so crazy about include, pasta with any kind of sauce, loose pony tails, socks that bunch up at her toes, shoelaces that flop when she walks, leggings that are too short,  sharing toys with her siblings, and brushing her teeth with the thomas the train toothpaste.

Isabelle is such a great daughter.  She is loving, kind, helpful and compassionate.  She is sensitive and a rule follower and rarely gets in trouble.  She is getting better and better at sharing and recently gave almost all of her candy from our church's fall festival away to friends and family.  She is also a very thoughtful girl, always wanting to make things and buy things for other people.  I love being her mom and I am so thankful that God entrusted me to be her parent!  Happy Birthday, Isabelley Red Jelly!


  1. great post tracy. i know some day she will thank you for doing this. i love you all, pa,

  2. You've almost got 4 under 5 :) And Caillou! We took a Caillou break. The whining. Oh my stars. But my children love that show.

  3. So, so sweet!! It's funny about five - Sophie didn't want to be five, and now Bella doesn't want to turn five next year!!