The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, November 12, 2012

Isabelle is Four

I feel like every birthday one of my kids has catches me a little off guard.  Like, how in the world can my baby be four??  I mean, I know four isn't that old, but still, I feel like she is fixing to head off to college.  And what in the world will I do when she actually is heading off to college?  Pretty sure I will be a wreck. 

Since I want to be sure to capture lots of fun things about Isabelle I thought I would interview her again like I did here.  Here are her answers and of course some pictures.

Favorite food?
Pizza (she loves going to Top That Pizza, she calls it The Restaurant since it is the only one we really ever take the kids to)
Least favorite food?
Soup (pretty sure this is fresh in her mind since we had broccoli cheese soup last night)
Favorite colors? 
Red and pink
Favorite TV show?
Barney (I thought for sure she would say Calliou)
Favorite movie? 
Toy Story
Best friend? 
Hannah (an eight year old girl that lives down the street)
Favorite toy? 
Bouncy balls
Favorite book? 
Favorite snack? 
Fruit snacks

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
What does mom do all day? 
Work, or more specifically, homework
What does dad do all day?
Fix coffee
If you could change your name, what would you change it to? 
Who is the coolest person you know?
Favorite song? 
Twinkle Twinkle

We go to the doctor tomorrow for her well check, so I will update with her height and weight. 
Here are a few things about Isabelle from my perspective!
Loves:  crunchy chicken for dinner, playing outside, riding her bike and her scooter, spending time with her family, being a big sister, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on TV, doing "school", headbands, eating snacks, reading books, helping mom around the house, wearing shoes and socks, going to MOPS and church and Bible study
Doesn't love:  sauces (like spag sauce, stroganoff, alfredo sauce, etc), taking naps or going to bed, when Molly pesters her, dad going to work, having to stay inside on cold or rainy days, sharing her food (don't you dare ask her for a bite of something...haha), toilets that have a loud flush, pony tails that aren't tight (like so tight I worry we will pull her hair out of her head), rule breakers (she especially hates people on motorcycles without helmets, people speeding and kids breaking the rules)
Isabelle is such a sweet and special girl.  We are so blessed to have been trusted to be her parents.  She is so smart, funny and beautiful. 
Happy Birthday, Isabelle Grace.


  1. izzy, you are such a blessing to your poppy and gigi. we love you and loved spending time with you at your birthday party. Happy Birthday today. i remember the night before and the early morning of your birth. what a special day!

  2. Awe - such a sweet post!! What great photos - and I love the idea of interviewing your kids :) How fun that would be to look back on their answers!!