The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, November 30, 2012

Thirty Days of Gratitude Part 2

If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

The last 15.

16.  The health of my children.  Yes, we have ear infections and roseola and viruses galore right now, but you know what, my kids aren't fighting cancer, or heart disease, or any other terrible type of illness.  They are (mostly) healthy.  And on that note, when they don't feel good, I at least have access to medicine that will make them feel better.

17.  Health Insurance.  I am happy that my husband works for a company that provides health insurance to it's employees, grateful that we can afford coverage and still pay the required copays and deductibles, and thankful for good doctors in our area.

18.  My friends.  There used to be a time when I could count the number of my friends on one hand.  I just wasn't a very good friend, therefore didn't have many good friends.  I have worked hard to try and be a better friend, and to invest more into my friendships and I think it is paying off.  I have so many awesome women I am blessed to call my friends.  Some live far away, some in the same neighborhood.  Some are friends from when I was in college, some I met only within the last six months.  I have friends of all ages, all walks of life, in different stages of life, and I can't tell you how lucky/blessed/thankful I feel to know them all.

19.  My washing machine and dryer.  Seriously, how would I ever make it without them?  I can't imagine having to go to the laundromat with all my kids and all the laundry ever week.  For that matter I am also thankful for my dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator and all other appliances big and large!

20.  A great marriage.  I know I put Jason on yesterday's list.  And I am thankful for Jason, but I am also thankful for the marriage that we have worked so hard for.  Things haven't always been easy or fun, but we have always stayed committed to each other and our family.  I am blessed to have a marriage like I do that keeps getting better and better each year!
21.  Food.  Sometimes I come home from the grocery store and get upset that my cabinets are so crowded full of food.  Then I remember that there are people all over the world without any food at all.  Here I am upset I can't cram anything else in and there are people starving.  I have been taking many things for granted lately and hope that I am more thankful everyday for the things I have that so many people do not.

22.  Mary Kay.  This year I did not work as much as I have in previous years.  In fact, I worked very little.  But, you know what?  I still made money from my Mary Kay business.  The fact that I spent time in years past with customers means that even when I am not working with new clients, I am still making some money.  And even though it isn't millions, every little bit helps.

23.  I am thankful for the abundance of people Jason and I have that help with the kids.  Whether it is my mom coming over so I can run to the grocery store or take one of the kids to the Dr, or Jason's mom coming for a day so I can run errands and take a nap, or my sister coming over so we can have a date night, Jason and I are blessed with an abundance of people to help watch the kids.  Not too mention that we have a great babysitter, Grace, who is awesome with the kids. 

24.  My IPhone.  I. Love. My. IPhone.  I love being able to use GPS in my car, love my apps, love being able to talk my text messages while driving, I love it all.  My wonderful husband gave me my phone for my birthday earlier this year and I love it.

25.  Cooler Temperatures.  That's right, I am thankful it isn't a million degrees out any more.  I hate hot.  Pretty sure I have mentioned that before.  I love cooler temperatures.  My favorite weather would be cool, cloudy and maybe even rain.  Gray days are my favorite days. 

26.  Our Military.  I am so thankful for the men and women in our armed forces.  They don't get the appreciation they deserve.  I tend to think more about them at the holidays also because I can't imagine being away from my loved ones during Christmas, but they are and they don't complain.  I am so grateful for their sacrifice. 

27.  The right to vote.  It doesn't always go my way, but at least I have the right to vote.

28.  I am thankful that my mom is a CPA.  And thankful she does our taxes.   It is so nice not to have to worry about doing our tax returns!  I have a great mom! 

29.  Coffee.  And more Coffee.  Oh, and creamer.

And, saving the best for last.....

30.  Jesus.  I am thankful that He died on the cross for my sins.  Thankful for the gift of eternal life.  Thankful that He has blessed my family and me beyond my wildest expectations.  Really, there are innumerable reasons I am thankful for Jesus and my relationship with Him.

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