The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, November 9, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Friday Five

The girls have been coming up with some pretty funny stuff the last couple of days.  I need to be more intentional about recording all of the crazy things they say, hence today's five things. 

1.  Yesterday, while playing in their room, I overheard Belle yelling at Molly, "Are you insane?"  The sad/funny thing about that is that I know exactly where she learned that fun phrase.  As my mom pointed out, at least Belle didn't call Molly a jack a**.  (I may or may not have used that word before while driving.)

2.  My kiddos have been a little sick and Molly still has some residual snot issues.  I caught her picking her nose yesterday and asked her if she needed a kleenex.  Her response, "No, I'm just getting the crumbs."

3.  Today after Lawson was done eating breakfast he was getting a little fussy.  I say, "You must be getting tired, bud."  Belle says, "I think he wants to eat from your boobs."

4.  We have been watching the movie Despicable Me a lot this week.  Like a LOT.  At the end of the movie when Vector is dancing on the moon Isabelle says, "That guy is crazy.  You can't dance in space."

5.  Tomorrow is Belle's birthday party.  She has requested a princess cake and princess cupcakes.  Today she was drawing a picture of an elephant that she wants me to put on the cake.  I told her, "You asked for a princess cake, I am making a princess cake."  To which she replied, "but I really want the princess to have a pet."

You may not find these things as funny as I do, but my guess is there are things your kids say that make you laugh out loud.  Get out your pen, or your phone or whatever and write these things down.  I have a feeling you won't regret it!


  1. Thanks for the Firday pick me up! ; )

  2. Love it! They are all so funny! I have a Haven journal (as if the blog isn't enough documentation) and fully intend to write down all those funny things as soon as they start coming out! :)

  3. Love them all. At least she didn't ask why Vector was spanking himself. We love that movie btw. I am shocked and appalled! You would never say jacka**...
    And I love that the princess has a pet elephant. Funny girl. I'm sad we missed it.