The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, November 8, 2013

What I'm Loving

A little Friday list.

Things that I am currently in love with!

1.  New PW Cookbook.

It is amazing.  And mine has a great story behind it.  A couple of weeks ago, Isabelle made me a "fall" card by picking leaves out of our yard from our tree that turns a great red color.  Then, she told Jason that she wanted to get me a present.  Jason took her to Walmart and they picked out this cookbook.  When she gave me my card and present, she said it was because she was thankful for me.  I think it might be the sweetest thing ever.

2.  Shauna Niequist books.

So far I have read Bread and Wine and have started Bittersweet.  They are so, so, so good.

3.  The weather.

I haven't had to turn on my heater or my a/c.  It is wonderful.  And when it gets a little chilly at night and I have to wear something more than a tshirt, my life is complete.  Throw in clouds and I am in Heaven!

4.  Ice Cream.

I think at some point I may qualify for worlds biggest pregnant person.  If not, a few more nights of ice cream eating should seal the deal.  Besides orange juice, it is really the only thing I've been craving.  Oh, and fried chicken.  But in my defense, I haven't given into that craving yet.

5.  Hillsong's Young and Free.

This album is one of my new favs, and I don't even own it (thank you very much, pandora).

What things are you loving right now?

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