The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Few Things About Laws

Lots of exciting things have been happening with my little man.  I thought it was time for an update.

First, Lawson is now a walker.  I know, it only took 16 months, but still.  The day we celebrated my birthday with family, he decided to stand up and start walking.  He still crawls a little, but mostly he is walking.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Next, he got his first tooth.  And now his second, third and fourth are all trying to make an appearance at the same time.  He is beyond cranky, having a hard time sleeping, has a constant runny nose and is producing nice and disgusting diapers.  All hallmarks of teething for my kiddos.  Fun times.

Also, he is climbing up into things.  He started climbing up on the ottoman in the living room, but quickly progressed to the rocking chair in his room.  I tried to get a good pic, but he wouldn't stop rocking!  He was quite proud of himself.

Another change coming our way is speech therapy.  Lawson isn't much of a talker.  I have been a little concerned with his speech so I took him for an evaluation today.  We will start sometime this week or next and I am looking forward to it.  I think (as do the therapists) that a large part of the problem is from when he had fluid in his ears and wasn't hearing all that well.

Lastly, for today, Lawson is finally big enough for his car seat that we bought back when he turned one.  My girls both hit the weight limit on the infant car seat right at their first birthday, so we assumed Lawson would also.  Not the case.  But, we have been working very hard to get him to put on some weight and I am proud to report that he is over 20 lbs now and if my scale is correct, close to 22 lbs.   We still have some work to do but he is making progress and I am happy.

I love my sweet little guy.   


  1. yeah! good progres little man. poppy is happy you are motoring around so well. i can not wait to see you walking around. hope that is very soon. we love you.

  2. Awe - such a sweet update! He's getting so big and looks so proud of himself on that rocker!