The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Bucket List

I made a summer bucket list last year and while we didn't get to everything I had hoped, having a list helped me with ideas when the days were long and hot and the kids wanted something fun to do.  Because I seem to operate better with a list, I thought I would do one again this year.  Many items will be the same, because, let's face it, they are easy, fun and cheap.  But a couple are new to this year!

Get snow cones
Make sidewalk paint
Get ice cream from ice cream man
Take a boat ride
Go to splash pad 
Go on a picnic
Swimming at grandmas
Have a cookout
Pick berries
Make bubbles
Go visit Dad at work for lunch
Have a playdate with friends
Play in sprinkler
Set up pool in backyard
Watch fireworks
Make an art project for Dad
Movie night at home with snacks
Have a water balloon fight
Make ice cream in a bag
Attend story time at the library
Make edible finger paints
Go to Top That Pizza (girls LOVE this place)
Visit the Jenks Aquarium
Fly kites
Make lollipops
Go on a nature scavenger hunt
Create own tshirts
Make bathtub paints
Play board games
Make fluffy stuff
Catch fireflies
Have a root beer float

While I really hate summer here in OK because of the heat, I do look forward to making memories with my kiddos during this time of year! What items are on your summer bucket list?  Did I forget anything important? 


  1. something fun with poppy and gigi ?

  2. Looks like fun! We love the Jenks Aquarium, we get a pass every other year! I would make list but I am pretty sure I would just get overwhelmed by it...

  3. I know you hate the heat, but you should have a "backyard campout" one night. My mom and dad put up a tent in their backyard when Lakota and Talen are there and they "go camping"! S'mores and all. Crazy Meemaw is fun like that! They don't always last through the whole night, but they do have fun!