The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, October 18, 2010

Questions that need answering

1.  Is it okay for a two year old to only eat yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, and cheerios for a week straight?

2.  If the answer to #1 is no, how do you get them to eat vegetables, meat, or other healthy items?

3.  Where do you go to find the answer to the question, "Is my child truly gifted, or am I just biased?"

4.  How cold is too cold when you are getting ready to go camping with an infant and a toddler?  After all, the Indians lived in tents, right?

5.  When should a child switch from a sippy cup to a regular cup?

6.  Will Molly always be this easy?

7.  Will Isabelle always have this much energy?

8.  Will I always feel like a rookie when it comes to Isabelle and a total know it all when it comes to Molly?

9.  How can a parent be sure to take as many pictures and videos of their second child as they did of their first?

10.  Why does Isabelle love to eat ice?  Is this a kid thing or an iron thing?

11.  Will anyone answer my questions???

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. 1. yes
    2. n/a
    3. google
    4. 40 degrees f.
    5. when the child decides
    6. No !
    7. it will seem like it!
    8. perhaps
    9. good question. have you taken pics of molly today?
    10. another good question - maybe both.
    11. done !

  2. thanks whoever you are! i love comments. and so far no pics of molly today! hehe

  3. 1. Yes
    2. I make Abigail take at least 1 bite of everything on her plate, or no dessert or snacks before bed. And depending on what it is, she can't leave table until she has tried it.
    3. Ok, this might sound cliche' but I think every child has something unique or "gift".. I think as they get older, what they are best at will develop and you will know more detailed..
    4. Get a RV :)
    5. Whenever they can use one...
    6. As Molly get's older, I'm sure there will be days where you wonder where the "easy" went. :)
    7.Yes! And that is a good thing!
    8. probably
    9. I'm trying to figure that out myself
    10. I think she likes the ice, because she might be getting her 2yr old molars in, and the ice nums the gums.. But I wouldn't let her chomp it-because its not good for her teeth.
    11. Just did!

  4. thanks steph! i do need an rv! jason is guilty of letting isabelle chomp on ice. i hate it. and you are right on number three, but don't you sometimes feel your kid is like WAY smarter than other kids?? hehe! once we get the picture thing figured out we will be set!

  5. 1) Absolutely.
    2) n/a
    3) EVERYONE thinks their kid is the most intelligent/talented/skilled person on the planet.
    4) Not sure, I would say it's getting there.
    5) The earlier you introduce the regular cup, the easier it is I think. I have friends with 2 and 3 year olds who still cling to their sippy cups. My daughter turned 2 yesterday and she's been using a regular cup for almost a year now. It was messy in the beginning, but she's an expert now. We still use the sippy cup in the car, but at home she always just uses a regular cup.
    6) Wait til the teen years ;)
    7) Wait til the teen years haha
    8) No. When kids are super young like this, there's not a whole lot of different from one kid to the next. I mean yeah, they all have their own personalities and whatnot, but little kids basically all do the same things, all need the same things, etc. When they start getting older and are more independent and their personalities start REALLY emerging, especially if Molly is much different from Isabelle, you'll be at even more of a loss with Molly because it'll be like "But this worked with Isabelle" or "Isabelle didn't do that!" you know?
    9) You won't. It's not because you're less excited about baby number two, you just have your hands a LOT busier dealing with two kids which means less time and opportunity for photos.
    10) I think it's a kid thing. Probably related to teething, maybe not. Cadence loves ice too, and most of my friends' kids like it as well.

  6. 1. It's OK - it will be different next week.
    2. See #1
    3. Of course they're gifted! They're my grandchildren!
    4. If you have to ask, it's too cold.
    5. It used to be when they went off the bottle. We didn't use sippy cups.
    6. Probably not always - but you can hope.
    7. Probably - but you can hope.
    8. No - at some point they will let you know that you are totally clueless.
    9. You can't and you won't.
    10. Your sister did the same thing. Your dad told her it was candy.
    11. Obviously - yes.

  7. mom, that is so rich about dad! liz, thanks for the comments...i think you have inspired me to start using a regular cup!