The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Embrace the Camera-April 12th

This week I am embracing Molly, Lawson and Jason.  I am working more and more on being sure to take pics with my kiddos and hubs on a regular basis.  And while I am still not getting as many as I'd like, I am making an effort.  These moments are precious and I hope my kids appreciate pictures with their momma when they are older.

My first attempt at a picture with Molly at her birthday party.

My second attempt at a picture with Molly.  Slightly better, but still....

With my little man at my brother's wedding.

Pic with both of the men in my life....and yes, I know it is grainy.  .

Thankfully, Lawson's arm is making this picture appropriate.

Without Emily's challenge to embrace the camera, I might not have started being intentional about getting IN the pictures with my family.  I am usually behind the camera.  If you are the same as me, check out her blog and start taking some pictures.


  1. beautiful family. a blessed life indeed!

  2. I love your blue eyes!! {hoping that's not too stalkerish....}