The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, April 22, 2013

what we've been up to......

Our household has been busy, busy, busy within the last month or so.  Here's what we have been up to!

I ran my first 10K.  Now, I am trying to figure out what is next.  For sure the Tulsa Run in October and the Jenks Half Marathon in November, but it feels like I need something before then.  Of course, in Oklahoma you don't really want to be running long distances during the summer months, but I do like having something to train for.  Right now I am just working on building up my miles and enjoying my longer runs on Saturday with my sister!


afterwards with my sister

my good lookin' hubby who watches the kiddos while i run

Jason's dad and step-mom came for a visit.  I took a grand total of zero pictures while they were here.  The kids had a fabulous time with them and are still asking when Paw Paw and Elaine are going to be back over.

molly riding her bike one of the days scott and elaine were here.  luckily the weather was beautiful while they were here!

Lawson has been falling asleep in the floor.  Seriously.  He will be playing and then BAM, asleep.  I feel like a bad mom (a little) for not knowing when to put my kid in bed, but there is no warning that he is tired.

Molly's nap schedule or lack thereof continues to be a problem.  Sometimes she does great without a nap, other times she clearly needs one and will fall asleep easily (but then be a nightmare at night) but without fail, waking her up is terrible.  On another note, her head seems to be healing great.

Lawson's 15 month checkup was last week.  Turns out my big guy isn't so big after all.  We've known he is not gaining a lot of weight for awhile, but this appointment, he fell off the chart for weight.  My pediatrician and I discussed some reasons why he might not be packing on the lbs, and we will see the ENT in May to discuss surgery to get adenoids out, but until then we are loading him up on high calorie and high fat foods.  Kind of weird to be planning unhealthy meals for my baby.  Also awesome are the comments from well meaning people about his size, or what we are feeding him, or the fact that he still uses a bottle, not a cup.  After talking to a friend of mine I have decided the best policy is to keep my big ol' mouth shut about what I am feeding him and how I am feeding him.  Regardless, I am pretty sure he is the cutest 15 month old on the entire planet.

eating nutella for the first time.  he liked it.

Isabelle is ready to start school.  She asks everyday.  Her mother is maybe not quite that ready.  I am terrified to buy a curriculum and have it be the wrong one for her.  They aren't cheap and I hate making bad decisions.  However, I think I have found one that will be great, isn't too terribly expensive and I am almost ready to pull the trigger.  

Other things that are going on...

1.  My brother and sister-in-law find out the sex of their baby today.  I am pretty excited.  Not that it matters, but I am hoping for a girl!
2.  I have joined a book club and am ready to start reading!
3.  We are in the planning phase for our summer and I am already anxious to start doing some fun things with the kids.  
4.  Jason is still very busy at work, and is working on some pretty cool and exciting projects.
5.  I started watching another documentary.  WHEN WILL I LEARN???  After watching just the first half hour or so I am seriously thinking about trying to go vegan or at least trying to be vegan for most of the week.  Cuh-razy.
6.  We are selling our patio furniture and building a picnic table (and maybe a kids table also) to replace it.  I love this one from  I can't wait to have it done and on our deck!

That's some of what we've been up to.  What about you?


  1. Wow - you go girl! Awesome job on the running - I can't wait to get out and bike. Of course, that will need to wait since I have to have knee surgery. Sigh.....

  2. Congrats on the running! My husband just took up running this year and is leaving me in the dust. I was just thinking today something needs to change, we used to walk a lot more and my weight is creepy up from not walking. My oldest is really skinny and my friends kids are always really small for their age. Kids are just different. He is a cutie!

    1. thanks! kids are different. trying to remember that!

  3. Don't listen to what people say. All kids are different. Our baby is 5-6 lbs smaller than the other two girls were at this age. She is 17 months old and finally out growing 9 month clothing. An entire tote of 18 month winter clothes never got worn by her this winter. Oh well, we will see if she fits them next winter! lol She eats (and used to nurse) WAY more than her sisters. Sometimes she eats more at dinner than her 6 year old sister, lol. She is just petite! Our friends little boy falls asleep in mid-play also. So funny!

    1. thanks, hil! lawson does not eat really at all! hard to find things he will eat. bet you are excited for megan to be closer to home!!!! can't wait to get together with you girls!