The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

goals for the 0-1-0. (oh-one-oh)

so i hate new years resolutions. i forget about half of them and don't keep the other half. so this year i decided to set goals instead. as if changing the name from resolutions to goals will somehow make a difference...but you never know. of course writing them down online for anyone to see them will of course mean that i will have to at least ATTEMPT to accomplish what i set out to do! so here goes!

Goal #1. finish a book. any book. not that i am not reading, mind you. in fact right now i am about half way finished with three books and about two chapters into a fourth. what am i reading you might ask??? first is what the Bible says about child training, second is renewing your mind, third is a book called boundaries and lastly a book about homeopathy. all very good, all very relevant to my life right now and that is the problem. i need all of the information in all of the books RIGHT NOW. however, as i have come to realize, finishing just one might be more useful than getting 1/2 way done with all four!

Goal #2. learn how to prepare healthy meals for a one year old. strike that. learn how to prepare healthy, inexpensive meals that my one year old will actually eat, that don't contain lots of obscure ingredients or involve frying vegetables. i have no idea if this is even possible, but i am confident that cream cheese covered raisin bread, bananas and milk cannot sustain her forever.

Goal #3. finish isabelle's first year scrapbook. she is almost 15 months after all. and in two months there will be a new baby who i will want to do a scrapbook for.

Goal #4. build my mk business. mary kay has been such a blessing for our family. i have been able to set my own hours, work from home, take vacation any time i wanted and make some extra money. the great thing about mk is that the potential to be successful, make tons of money, win lots of prizes including trips around the world, diamonds, and free cars is there. turns out, however, that those things don't just fall into your lap without actual work. now it is easier, and more within reach than any other type of business or work from home opportunity, but the thing of it is, all things in life require work. and i am certain i have not been working enough. not to mention that while i used to consider myself outgoing, i am pretty sure i need to be more outgoing and more confident in order to start really seeing BIG profits. so part of building my business means being more bold, more confident, more outgoing and putting in more effort!

Goal #5. grow in my walk with the Lord. pretty self explanatory! i would like to also be reading my Bible daily and committing more scripture to memory.

Goal #6. and my last goal....learn something new. not sure what this might be. i have considered some serious in-depth study of homeopathy, photography (since i love photos but suck at taking them), cooking (beyond tacos, spag and sandwiches!), or actually finishing learning how to knit (i can do a scarf...that's it). who knows what i will actually decide. probably whatever i can do while taking care of two children under two! after all, baby #2 will be here in april. which is why, of course, that losing weight is not on the list of goals. i am screwed for swimsuit season any maybe it will be on a revised mid-year goal list, but maybe not.

if i accomplish even half of these i am pretty sure i will consider the year a success. i will probably consider it a success if i make it through the year having been able to figure out things like grocery shopping with two kids. (where do you put them both and keep your groceries???) i am also sure it will be an adventure that will be both fun and scary. i can't wait!

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  1. I have a distinct memory of grocery shopping with my mom and my brother when I was little...I remember he sat up front in the cart and I sat in back with the groceries, or vice versa. We'd fight over who got to sit in the back :) It will be fine though! My mom and I were discussing this very thing because my brother and his wife refuse to do anything if they can't find a sitter for their kids. My mom's like, "Pshaw, I'd have to take you two with me to the OBGYN! You'd be playing with your toys in the corner and I'd be in stirrups!" These things just work themselves out somehow ;)