The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Thursday, June 10, 2010

scrapbooks, books, singing and other tidbits

i am feeling pretty accomplished today. i not only managed to finish reading a book, and yes it was a grown-up book, but i also finished isabelle's first year scrapbook. and while the scrapbook is probably my least detailed, least embellished, least elaborate scrapbook ever, it is DONE. i don't know what possessed me to do isabelle's scrapbook the way i did, but it is mostly just patterned paper with a few stickers here and there, and i did all of the journaling by hand. but like i said, it is done and i like it in all its simplicity. did i mention i finished reading a book? the book is "When did I get like this?" by Amy Wilson and it was so funny and so true and i loved it. it is all about motherhood and how as moms we spend a large chunk of our time trying not to fail our kids. most of the book i was nodding along totally getting what she said and completely relating. i also laughed out loud multiple times including during the story of her daughter puking repeatedly on an airplane and later figuring out she had rotovirus. if you are bothered by profanity, i will warn you that there are a few uses of bad language, that in my opinion added nothing to the book. but other than the occasional bad word, the book is hysterical.

now on to the singing. isabelle has started singing and it is adorable. granted she only sings one song and that song only has one real word and that word is repeated over and over during the song, but still. it is a song from yo gabba gabba (her favorite show) and the song says goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. and that is basically it. i realize that probably no one else will be impressed by her singing, but i think it is the cutest thing on the face of the earth. i drove around extra in the car today in order to take a video of her on my cell phone to show jason.

she has also started putting words together when she talks, which i think is a big deal. she says things like, "more please," or "more milk," or "baby la-la" (la-la is molly). i know this sounds silly but each time she does something new i get a little sad about her growing up. yes, it is exciting to see her do new things, but it is also one step closer to her being grown up and that makes me sad. next thing you know it will be kindergarten and then high school and then college and just typing it is making me a little sad.

molly is doing well. astonishingly well. she sleeps 8 hours a night. sometimes longer. i try not to brag, but it is pretty awesome. she is growing also. she no longer really fits in newborn clothes and has gone on to the 3 months clothes which makes sense considering she is 2 1/2 months! she is smiling and cooing and being overall totally precious. i asked jason if we were tempting fate if we had another baby. after all, isabelle and molly are so great. both were/are great sleepers, both have been pretty easy babies, what if the third baby was a nightmare? should you just stop while you are ahead? i don't know.....a baby boy would be pretty awesome.

anyway, that is all that is going on around here. jason and i celebrated our nine year anniversary this year. hard to believe we have been married that long. it has gone by so fast. he is staying busy at work and i am staying busy at home. we are so blessed!

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  1. Tracy,
    If you have been married that long, then I have known you longer. Time has flown by, just seems like yesterday we met. I guess that was in the fall of 1999. Glad you and Jason and the girls are doing well. You can check out my blog at McMom. Your girls are beautiful. Have as many kids as you want, that's my motto, be it one or more. Three was good for us, but you only have two hands and that was a problem at times. Each one is unique and fun. Nothing wrong with only wanting one or two either. Take care.