The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer time is here!

Well, another summer has arrived and while I love things like getting a tan, going swimming, having fresh berries in the yard and summer nights, I can't believe how fast 2010 is going by. Molly is two months old now. She is finally awake a little more during the day (most of the time she would rather be sleeping, I just force her to stay awake). She is also making some precious little baby noises and smiling. Best of all, she continues to be a great sleeper. She slept 7 hours last night, making for one happy momma this morning. Isabelle, I think, has finally adjusted to Molly. Sure, she still tries to step on her and likes to help burp her a.k.a. smack her on the back over and over and still takes her blanket and paci away, but I think deep down she loves her! After all, she does give her kisses and hugs and always wants to know where 'baby' is.

Isabelle is also excited about summer. It means pool time for her and boy oh boy does that girl love the pool. I try on a daily basis to use this information to bribe Jason into getting a pool, but so far it hasn't worked. Isabelle has a pool in the backyard that she swims in and taking her out when it is time to go inside to go to bed or eat is somewhat challenging. I think she would give up food and sleep in order to swim 24-7 if she could. Again, I have tried without luck to use this to justify a pool.

We are not really planning on taking any vacations this summer. I tried last year to travel with Isabelle at Thanksgiving and learned my lesson then. Traveling with small children is NOT FUN. No one has fun. Not us, not Isabelle, not the poor people on the plane with us, not the people whose house we literally move into for our stay, no one. And of course when we get home we are so exhausted we need a vacation to needless to say we are staying home this summer. We will go visit my dad for a weekend but only for a weekend and then maybe this fall when Molly is a little older, but not yet walking, we will try camping. I am itching for a camping trip, though I imagine that my idea of camping may change after taking two kids...but who knows. One thing I am super looking forward to is our friends from Dallas coming to visit. Michael and Rochelle are coming in July and bringing their baby boy, Max!!! We have not met Max yet, but man am I excited. It will be great to see them all.

I hope everyone has a great summer. Try to stay cool. And...if you have a pool....well, we would love to stop by!!!

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