The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, October 19, 2012

Lawson at Nine Months

Ugh.  I feel like I just got done talking about Lawson at eight months.  I DO NOT LIKE THIS.  I really, really, really, want him to stay small.  I love everything (okay, mostly everything) about this age.  I love that he is mobile, but not too mobile.  I love that he has a personality, but no sass (boys probably don't get sass, but whatever).  I love that he is eating, but doesn't refuse to eat what I have cooked.  I love that he still wants to be held, and still loves my kisses but is okay to play on his own.  I just love him.

pretty sure it is time for some boy toys

Here is some info about Lawson at nine months!

Height and Weight:  Find out on Monday.  I suspect he is still small for his age. 

Eating:  Lawson is an eater.  He eats "real" food three times a day with a snack or two in between plus he nurses every four hours.  You can always tell when Lawson is hungry because he is mega fussy.  So far there haven't been many foods that he won't eat and just like the girls, he loves puffs.

Sleeping:  He is doing pretty good.  Goes to bed around 7 pm, sleeps until about 4 am, then wakes up to eat and goes back to bed until about 6 am.  As for naps, he is still taking two naps a day and while he has been sick it has actually been three naps a day again.  We no longer use the swing to get him to sleep, but I do nurse him to sleep pretty regularly.  If he happens to be my last baby I want to be sure to soak it all!

Likes:  Eating carpet.  For reals.  This kid is destroying my carpet.  He has found a small place where the carpet was pulling back and he has gone to town pulling more out and stuffing it in his mouth.  It drives me bonkers.  Reminds me of that show, My Strange Addiction.  Also in the likes category are crawling/scooting around the house, trying to get in the dishwasher, pulling hair and playing with the girls' toys.

Dislikes:  Carpet being pulled out of his mouth, snot being sucked out of his nose, being hot/cold/wet/hungry, and having things taken away from him.

Milestones:  Made it through the first real "sick" episode. but other than that nothing really big has happened in the last month.

I know I say it a lot, but Lawson has been such a blessing to our family.  The girls are such great big sisters and do a wonderful job of playing with and loving on their brother.  There is something different about a baby boy and I am so thankful for my precious Lawson.


  1. Awe - what a sweet picture :) They grow way too quickly!!

  2. please... in the name of all that is holy, never ever post my grandson in anything girlie. if you continue i promise to dig up pictures of you that are not flattering and have someone show me how to get them on my computer. i will post tit for tat. just kidding, mostly. rick