The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Recap

I realize Christmas has come and gone, but for us our last Christmas was less than a week ago.  We celebrated with my dad and step mom last Sunday concluding our four Christmas celebrations.

Here is a recap of our holiday season in (mostly) pictures.

We went to Church on the Move's, The Story of Christmas.

The girls and I made goodies with my mom, sister and my sister's kiddos.

We decorated cookies and opened presents with Jason's mom and grandparents.

We celebrated Christmas at my mom's house where we ate our traditional Christmas breakfast.  I took a grand total of zero pictures.  Luckily, Jason took a couple. 

Aunt Katie helped Lawson open a present.

Lawson put on his new stocking hat!

The girls spent a lot of time in their new robes from Aunt Buh-Buh.

Molly was a little tired after our day of celebrating!

Christmas Eve we fixed hot chocolate and loaded up in the van for a Christmas lights tour.

We also wrote a note to Santa and put out some cookies and milk.

We woke up Christmas morning to open presents but the only thing the girls wanted to play with was the bowling.

We kept to our plan to buy only four gifts (a want, a need, something to wear, something to read).  Of course, Santa left one also.

Isabelle got to spend some time outside riding her bike.

Christmas evening we ate a delicious dinner of chicken fried steak with my mom, brother, and sister in law.  It was very yummy.

Then, this past Sunday, we celebrated with my Dad.  Of course we ate tacos and played games.  Jason did well at Quelf, but Terry still won.  (if you haven't heard of this game I think it is worth checking out!)

There you have it, our Christmas in a nutshell.  Despite the craziness and chaos involved in planning and shopping and cooking and cleaning, I still love Christmas time.

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  1. What a great wrap up :) I love all the pics - looks like the kids had a wonderful time!