The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Wish List

I don't know if it is the time of year (valentine's day, anniversary, birthday, and mother's day all within four months), or if it is just that I am a greedy, stuff centered person, but lately I have found myself "wishing" for a lot of things.  I know that they are not "needs" but rather "wants" and I know no one is going to go out and buy them for me, however, I think it is okay to dream, right?

Here are a few things I am really wishing for these days.

A Kindle Fire HD.

I have a lot of reasons for wanting one of these, but mostly because I want to download books and have something "ipad-like" all at the same time.  I would also need like a million dollars in amazon gift cards so I could purchase all the books I want.  I also think I could find some home school uses for it!

This tent.

It is huge and it is awesome.  I have visions of our family camping in this tent and having plenty of room and being able to stand up and move around without problems.  I have wanted this tent for a couple of years.  Who knows, maybe this is our year.

For the kids.

I saw this last Christmas and wanted to get it, but we had already spent our Christmas dollars.  Then, recently, two of my fb friends posted pics of their kiddos playing on bounce houses inside during bad weather and I became convinced we needed one.  Good for indoor or outdoor play, this bounce house is highly rated and would provide HOURS of fun for my kids.  Not to mention how awesome it would be for play dates!

Other things on my wish list include running clothes, Fiesta Ware in tangerine, some new clothes after I lose just a little more weight, my wedding ring fixed, and Duck Dynasty seasons 1 and 2 on DVD.

I know these things are not important in the grand scheme of things, and trust me, my happiness does not rest on getting more "things."  With that being said, I think it is normal to have a few things you are really wanting or saving for.  So, what is on your wish list?


  1. I do not have the Kindle Fire HD but I do have the Kindle fire and love it! Our library system also rents digital books so I can use it in that way for homeschooling :) Many school like apps also!

  2. I definitely think the bouncy house is a must!!! That is so awesome! And HEY I have Duck Dynasty Season 1. Impulse buy at Bass Pro....well worth the money Jack! My wishlist includes a t-shirt that says Team Jase...I just love that show! It makes me Happy, Happy, Happy

  3. i would definitely like a new rug. definitely a want and not a need!