The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


My life is pretty scattered right now.  It is no surprise my blog is the same.  Here is some of our randomness.

1.  Funny things the girls have said lately.....

Isabelle:  Dad, here be sure to take my picture of the hobo stick.  (pogo stick)

Molly:  Mom, Grammy called this (talking about dinner) supper.
Me:  Some people call dinner, supper.
Molly:  I'll just call it spaghetti. (looking at me like I'm nuts)

During a discussion about lightning and why it is dangerous to play in the rain if there is lightning.
Isabelle:  How can lightning hit you if it doesn't have any arms or hands?
(after trying to explain about electricity)
Isabelle:  I know a lot about electricity.  (long pause)  I know a lot about everything.

2.  Our summer bucket list is proving that once again, nothing gets done around here without a list.  So far we have made sidewalk chalk, gone on a boat ride, set up the backyard pool, played in the sprinkler, gone swimming at Grammy's and gotten snow cones.  I put pick berries on the list by total accident.  We will NOT be picking berries this year.  It is hot, it is far away, and while the berries are good, I can get them much cheaper from the grocery store after you figure in gas from my house to the berry farm!

3.  Lawson started saying, "mama" yesterday.  I don't think he is referring to me, but at least he is making the sounds!  And on a somewhat related note, both, occupational and speech therapy are going very well.

4.  I've posted a couple of things about modesty, specifically bikinis, on facebook recently.  I love how none of the moms/dads/teens that post bikini picks have commented on my links/statuses.  I still don't understand how anyone thinks skimpy bikinis are appropriate much less that it is okay to post pictures on the internet (where any weirdo can see them)!

5.  We are seriously considering selling our house.  What I can't get my brain around is how I would ever keep my house "show ready" with three kids.  And it's not like you can stuff everything in a closet, because, people LOOK IN THE CLOSETS.  Tell me, how do people with kids ever sell their house?

6.  Saturday is going to be such a fun day!  We are headed to OKC to visit Jason's aunt who we haven't seen since I was pregnant with Lawson.  And if that wasn't exciting enough, we will also get to see some friends who just moved back to OK from Michigan.  It is going to be a great day full of family and friends!

What have you been up to?