The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


There are so many things I want to remember about my children.  Things that are insignificant enough that I would probably forget them over time but funny or special enough that I should take time to write them down.  Bedtime snuggles with Isabelle is probably one of those things.

at one of our bowling outings 

Every night we go through a bedtime routine with our kiddos.  It isn't perfect and perhaps we are doing it all wrong, but it is our routine.  Part of that routine involves putting Isabelle to bed in our bed until Molly falls asleep in their room.  Every night, Isabelle has the same requests.  She wants our door left open, to sleep on Dad's pillow, use the sheet only, have the radio on, have a nightlight, and then a song and a story (which you are required to make up).  It is a lengthy routine, but if followed, usually means she will go right to sleep. However, sometimes she asks me to stay and "snuggle up" with her.

A couple of nights ago she asked and I responded like I normally do and told her no.  I am usually worn out by bedtime and I just want the kids to go to sleep so I can have a little bit of time with Jason before we go to sleep.  As soon as I told her no, I felt a little tug on my heart to snuggle up despite the fact that I was tired and worn out and just wanted some time to decompress.

I laid down with her for not even five minutes and while I was snuggling,  realized that there is probably not that much time left of her asking me to snuggle with her.  Pretty soon she will be too old and too cool to snuggle with her momma and I will be the one asking her to, "please, pretty please, snuggle up with me." Kind of depressing, really.

So for now, I am going to snuggle up, and cuddle and give extra hugs and kisses because really, whether want it to or not, the time is quickly approaching where they will stop asking.


  1. My youngest has never really been a snuggler. Makes me sad. My seven year old would still snuggle with me all day long though. I keep reminding myself they will be too old one day and get all I can now :) Even when tiny elbows are jabbing my sides :)

  2. I heard "all" of that! you are a great mom and daughter. next time i see you , i want to snuggle a while.

  3. Made me tear up! I am going thru the heartbreak of coming to the realization that "snuggle" time no longer exists with my oldest. Although we are at a new and amazing stage... what I wouldn't give for one more day of snuggle time