The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, February 28, 2014

Baby Weston

I know I am crazy behind in blogging, but I really do want to be the memory keeper for my family, so I am making a goal to get caught up!

Here is some info about baby Weston and the day he was born!

Jason and I headed to the hospital first thing on the morning of February 6th.  My csection was scheduled for 9am but would be delayed a couple of hours.  Waiting was terrible.  I hate the pre-surgery feeling.  I wish I could just show up and immediately have surgery.  The waiting is killer for me.

When we finally did get in for surgery, it went pretty quickly.  I had been praying for a different type of delivery than my previous two where Molly and Lawson both had breathing problems and were taken away right after birth.  So, when they took Weston over to be examined and I didn't hear much noise, I started to panic.  I was not interested in having my baby go to the NICU.  Thankfully, we had a great neonatologist who said we could try skin to skin to get him breathing a little better.  And IT WORKED!  Weston ended up being my least dramatic birth experience!  He was however 9lbs which freaked me out a bit, but did explain why I had been so uncomfortable!

Our time in the hospital was pretty short, and really the only problems were things having to do with me.  I had lots of problems with my IV which for some reason they refused to take out even after all the difficulties.  And unlike the last three babes, I did break down and have them take Weston to the nursery one night so I could sleep!

Since being home, Weston has been a great baby.  His siblings love him (even Lawson) and we are so thankful he is a part of our family.  I don't know if he is just such a great baby or if I am just a totally different mother this time, but for some reason, baby #4 has been the easiest by a landslide!

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