The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lawson is TWO

Lawson turned two in January.  I have really been slacking in the memory keeper role for my family, and I realized today that if I don't document these moments for my family, no one will.  So here is a little info about Lawson at two years old!

Height: 35 inches, 66th percentile

Weight:  25.5 lbs, 16th percentile

We have been feeding this kid anything and everything for so long and it is finally paying off.  He is not only on the chart, but it double digits percentile wise.  We are so happy to finally see some growth in this area.

Likes:  playing/tormenting his sisters, watching Super Why, being naked, playing outside on the swing set, eating dirt, taking baths, Thomas the Train, eating vitamins, the Thingamajigs book, stacking blocks, playing on the ipad, sitting on my lap, doing puzzles, playing with his basketball, football and soccer ball

Dislikes:  drinking milk from a cup, being told no, speech therapy (haha), sharing his toys

Favorite Foods:  spaghetti, oatmeal, pb&j sandwiches, goldfish, raisins, grapes, chicken, cookies

I won't lie and say that Lawson is the easiest child on the block.  He throws fits, he doesn't talk and he does a lot of things that drive me crazy (like eating dirt and putting his hands in his diaper when he has poop!).   But, I will say that despite all the hard work, and tears (his and mine) and frustration, I feel so blessed to be his mom.  I know that God has a plan for Lawson's life and I pray every day for patience and wisdom in parenting him in order that he can grow up to be the man God intends.  I feel a tremendous responsibility with Lawson and I can honestly say that my walk with the Lord has grown more during the last two years than I thought possible.  I simply could not parent Lawson without help from Him.

I don't want to make it sound like there are no good or fun times with Lawson, because that wouldn't be true.  He is a huge cuddle bug and loves to give hugs and kisses.  He cracks me up with his dancing and the games he plays with his sisters.  He is a great little boy and I love him so incredibly much.

For his party, we had family over for cake and ice cream.  The cake was Thomas inspired and once again the hubby did a great job decorating.  The party totally wore him out!  He fell asleep playing the ipad once everyone had left.  That NEVER happens!

Happy birthday, Lawson.  Mom and Dad love you and feel so thankful to be your parents!

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