The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Gluten free!

18 days ago, we took gluten out of Lawson's diet.  After reading a status on facebook about speech delay and gluten I figured since I've tried everything else, there was no reason to not give it a shot.  I knew that it would require some changes (like our daily pb&j's) but I figured Lawson would have a harder time than I would (I was wrong, but what is new!).

I met with one of my friends who gave me tons of valuable info and cookbooks and felt pretty prepared.  She mentioned while helping me that probably the first place I would notice a difference was in his behavior.  Honestly, I didn't expect to see any changes and especially not after such a short time.  I was also secretly hoping I didn't see any difference because, well, gluten free bread isn't cheap! 

HOLY MOLY!  I can't believe it, but we are actually seeing some pretty major changes.  Disclaimer:  I realize that every change we are seeing could be just coincidence or maturity or any number of other things.  The fact is, we are seeing some major things change.  

A few things we have noticed.......
First, Lawson's half and hour to forty minute fits have disappeared.  His fits now only last about five minutes haha!!!  Second, no dirt eating or crap touching (fun stuff I tell ya!).  Third, he is actually acting like a normal child in public.  We went to a concert at the library and I didn't have to chase him or tell him to stop yelling even one time! Lastly, and probably totally unrelated, he is drinking his milk from a cup...PRAISE THE GOOD LORD ABOVE!  Now, whether or not his speech is better is yet to be seen.  I really didn't expect to see changes there for several weeks.

Gluten may or may not be responsible for these changes, but since it seems to be working, we are going with it!  After six weeks we will add it back in and see what happens!  

Here are a few of my fav gluten free products.
2. Namaste perfect flour blend.  It really is perfect.  My cookies and muffins have turned out beautifully.
4. Corn tortillas (naturally gf)

Mostly, in case you are interested, we have just been doing lots of fresh fruits and veggies with chicken or beef!

So there you have it!  Gluten free is working for us!  Know any great recipes I should try?

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