The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Weston at four months

My little (or not so little) guy is growing up so fast.  Here is a little about Weston at four months old.


Height:  24.75 inches (47th percentile)

Weight:  15.6 lbs (63rd percentile)

Likes:  rolling over (tummy to back), being held, chillin' in his swing, watching big sisters and big brother play outside, smiling (smiling is his favorite), and eating haha.

Dislikes:  being ignored, being hungry, being wet.  

It is actually pretty tough to come up with things Weston does not like.  He is a very happy and easy going baby.  I will admit I think I have said that about all my babies and then eventually they turn on me but for now, Weston is a piece of cake.  I am one lucky mom of four.  He is sleeping like a champ most nights, and does pretty well during the day also.  I think teeth might be in our near future but who knows.  Overall, the transition from three to four has been very easy.  Not calm, not slow, but easy.  And since Weston will turn five months in like four days, you can tell I'm not exactly caught up on blogging, but oh well!!

Happy four months, Westy!  We love you!

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