The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Sunday, March 28, 2010

sunday, monday, day!

so wednesday is right around the corner and i couldn't be more excited. the end of this pregnancy has been harder and more uncomfortable than with isabelle and i am relieved that wednesday will be the end! on the other hand jason and i have about a million more chores to get done around the house before then so we are both a little stressed. as i type this, jason is out mowing the yard after having changed the oil in both our cars. meanwhile, i went and treated myself to a mani/pedi with the sis!!! obviously one of us is ignoring the to-do list! of course now that i am home and the nails are dry, i have little excuse to not be cleaning the bathrooms or finishing up the laundry. isabelle has been playing nicely by herself for most of the day and now that she has a room all of her own she enjoys playing in there without much interaction from mom and dad. i am confident that letting her get used to playing more independently will help me once the baby is here and i don't have as much time to devote to just isabelle. she has developed quite the personality and in my opinion, she gets cuter everyday. she has been saying new words and doing new signs at a pretty amazing pace and can communicate pretty well given her age. i am pretty sure she could be signing much more if i would take the time to learn some myself. anytime i show her one, she picks it up right away (though the motivation for the recent sign "cookie" seems pretty obvious.) isabelle has really shown me that as a parent, your kids just get more and more adorable. not less as i worried about when she was just a baby and i didn't want her to get big! watching her grow up has been pretty amazing and i am so blessed to have such a great daughter. i am sure the cute and adorable thing will wear off sometime around 13...but for now it is nice that i realize that even though the time goes by fast and they grow up quickly that they only get better and better. so our family is ALMOST prepared for #2 and more than ready to find out boy or girl. probably will not post again until after the baby is here, so look for an update!

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  1. Tracy I'm so excited for you! Isabelle sounds amazing as I am sure babynumber2 will be. Can't wait to hear all aboutthe new one.