The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

update on our crazy household...

well the past week has been a little rough around here. isabelle managed to pick up a bug from somewhere and was nice enough to pass it around the whole house. needless to say, we have all been suffering with runny nose, sore throat and general crankiness for about a week now! what really gets me about kids being sick is the decision on whether or not to drag them to the doctor. we have been to the doctor frequently enough within the last 15 months that i know that 9 times out of 10 i am going to be told it is nothing and to go home (after i pay my copay of course).....but there is always that chance that it could be an ear infection or some horrible childhood disease, so i always give in and go to the doctor. better safe than sorry, right??? until this last time when i learned a very valuable piece of information. you see, i am always worried about the possibility of ear infections. that is usually what drives me to the get ears checked. recently the thought occured to me that rather than paying a copay every time i need to have isabelle's ears checked, i could get one of those ear instruments doctors use and check them myself. of course i laughed off this idea because those things probably cost like hundreds of dollars, right? WRONG. my pediatrician let me know you can get them on the internet for like $50. why do moms not know this information? why have we not been taught how to check ears? it cannot be that difficult. really, just tell me, this is a normal ear, this is an infected ear. maybe i am wrong, maybe it is very difficult to tell the difference, but if not....i have been wasting some serious money. so in addition to the million other things i am currently interested in learning and figuring out...ear checks have just moved up the list.

as for other interesting news happening around our csection date changed. no more april 2nd. now march 31st. and while three days really isn't that big of a difference, something about the fact that the date is in THIS month and not NEXT month is kinda freaking me out. this pregnancy has not gone at all according to my plan and there have been many bumps in the road and the change of date was not really what i needed at this point. i keep hoping things will turn around and magically become this perfect vision of what i want for this baby's arrival, but so far, no luck. the last thing i am hoping for (which will be a miracle) is for a stress free csection followed by time for just jason, the baby and myself to be together as a family. doesn't sound that hard now does it??? we'll see!

and poor jason...he is doing good. working hard and trying to not let all the craziness get to him. between my crazy emotions and isabelle being so cranky this week, he is probably worn out! he is the best husband ever. i am not making that up or exaggerating or even saying it because he is my husband...seriously, he is the best. i am spoiled beyond words!

that is what is going on in our household these regular life! four more weeks and we will have our new baby and will FINALLY be able to know boy or girl! most everyone says girl...except for a few holdouts....we shall see!

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  1. I didn't realize you had started a blog. They are the best! I love that I can look back at these funny stories and pictures. There is a website that will post your blog into a book! I want to do that for the girls and 1 for us. You will have to check into our blog and see what The Murphy's are up to also! Hang in there and hope all goes well with your new baby!