The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, April 30, 2010

molly is one month old!

wow! i can't believe it has already been one month since molly arrived! i think that contributing to the feeling that this first month flew by was the fact that we didn't get out of the hospital until she was almost one week old. but that still feels fast. with isabelle i remember thinking that time was moving SO slowly. people would say things about how fast the time goes by and i would roll my eyes or make some comment about time dragging on for me. i just felt like isabelle was never going to get bigger. of course now it feels like she grew up overnight.....but back then it was a different story. i am sure that taking care of two babies also contributes to the feeling of life going by very quickly, after all my days are largely spent changing diapers, feeding kids, cleaning kids, and doing laundry! i thought i was busy before having isabelle...WRONG.

back to molly.....she is one month old today and had her one month check up at the dr. she weighs 8 lbs and 15 oz and is 21 inches long. this puts her in the 40th percentile for weight and 50th for height. because she is gaining weight like such a champ i can also let her sleep longer at night. she is already quite the sleeper, but now i can let her sleep longer which means i can sleep longer! WHOO HOO! i think God blessed me with a sleepy baby so that i would not go insane from lack of sleep. thank goodness for the little things!

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  1. poppy, loves his little molly.... and izzy... and my beautiful daughter who makes her father proud and thankful.