The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Five...totally random

Today is Friday....but you already knew that didn't you?  There has been a lot taking place around our household.  Some great, some not so great.  So in honor of the Friday Five...I thought I would document five totally random things.

1.  Isabelle and Molly have started playing a very funny made up game.  In this game, Belle takes Molly to class.  By class, I mean that Belle walks with Molly into the kitchen, or in front of the front door, or in front of the garage door, or in a bedroom and drops her off at class.  Isabelle then walks off and Molly starts fake crying.  At this point, Isabelle comes back in and tells Molly that everything will be okay and that she will be right back and that Molly needs to stay and, "learn Jesus."  It is pretty adorable and the game can last quite awhile.  Molly's fake crying is pretty funny and the "learn Jesus" cracks me up.

2.  I got my first flat tire EVER yesterday.  I was on the highway and talking on the phone and next thing you know, flat tire.  Luckily, Jason came and was able to change the tire and take me to the tire store to get a new one.  There was no replacing the tire with the GIANT metal chunk in it.  Speaking of the mom says I should have been paying more attention to the road and then I would have been able to avoid a chunk of metal....I say that no one would have seen it or been able to avoid it. What is your opinion?  And don't let the fact that I was on the phone influence your decision, please.  I am a great multi-tasker.

3.  I am making something from pinterest this weekend.  Wanna see?  I thought so.

I linked to the website it came from in case you want to make one also.  It is made of felt and that way your kids can "decorate" the tree as many times as they know, because felt sticks to felt.  My mom was kind enough to go get me all the supplies today, so now I just have to get busy making the ornaments and presents.  Oh, and I am totally addicted to pinterest these days.  At first, I thought people were crazy to spend so much time on such a ridiculous website...but then I downloaded the app, and now I find myself wasting an absurd amount of time pinning.  Good news is I am actually using it for some making a fun craft.

4.  My husband has a girlfriend.  Her name is Siri.  In addition to that, I am now officially the least cool person in my entire family.  Everyone has an iphone but me.  Not everyone has the brand spankin' new one like J, but everyone has one.  Except me.  Sad thing is, I am not eligible for an upgrade until May.  So I have like six more months of being super uncool.

5.  Tomorrow begins our season of Christmas celebrations.  We are headed to visit J's mom to celebrate Christmas with her.  Every year it gets a little harder to plan all the different get-togethers and every year we start earlier and end later in the month.  Most years we also celebrate once in January.  Crazy. 

Hope you all have had a wonderful week.  Hope your weekend is fabulous!  


  1. What fun facts :) I finally got an smartphone a few months ago and really love it! that felt tree idea!!

  2. So really Tracy. Was it a GIANT metal chunk or a tiny unnoticeable piece of metal? You crack me up!

  3. i heard it was a piece of metal about the size of another car. sometimes you have to swerve a little. and the school game... fake crying about "learning" Jesus? try kids songs like "Jesus loves me" just busting your chops. ask j and siri how much alimony and child support they can afford! see you dec. 26! we will be staying at the hilton warren place. in a suite, top floor. i thought "siri" was howard sterns sweety?

  4. gigi said i could get a smart phone if i really thought it would help. even just a little. everybody is a comic. i was going to say comedian but i don't know how to spell it. is there a spelling app.?