The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our first Christmas celebration

This past weekend we celebrated Christmas with Jason's mom in OKC.  Even though we only spent the day there, we managed to pack in a lot of fun!

First, we opened presents.  Isabelle got a V-Tech digital camera.  She took over 300 pictures while we were there and burned through the batteries completely.  Here are some of her pictures.  Please keep in mind that a. she is three and b. the camera is 2 mega pixels. 

even though half of my face is cut off, this is still probably the best pic of me from the entire weekend!

Whoo Hoo....Dad's butt!

Grandma, or Deborah Jill as Isabelle calls her.

Molly's mouth.  Gross.  (the picture, not Molly)

Molly got a new baby doll, which is good since we have another one like it that the girls fight over constantly.  Now they each have their own and there can be peace in the house.  HAHAHA.  Now they will just find something else to argue over!  She loves her big baby and for reasons I don't understand only wants her with her clothes off.  Why do kids do this?  It is so strange to me. 

ANYway.  After naps and lunch we decorated Christmas cookies.  Isabelle was a master decorator and probably could have continued to decorate well into the night.  Molly was only interested in eating the cookies.   Here are some pics of the cookies, Molly, and sweet Belle working very hard to decorate them all by herself.

This is before the cookie decorating had begun!  Isn't she adorable?

Isabelle with one of the cookies she did all by herself.

My very good looking husband!

Just a few of the cookies we frosted!

We also had a delicious steak dinner followed by a very energetic dance-off between Isabelle and Molly.  Needless to say that when we loaded into the car to come home they were pretty tired!  I told Molly to close her eyes and she did and went right to sleep.  It took Isabelle a little longer, but she was out before we got home also!

So the Christmas season is off to a bang here at our house.  Next up Christmas morning with just the four of us.  It might be my favorite part of the holidays.  I love being able to create traditions for our family and seeing the girls react on Christmas morning.  I also love Jason's cooking and spending time with my girls and my wonderful husband.  We are starting some new traditions this year and I am looking forward to telling you all about them!

What are your holiday plans?  Any great traditions you have that you think I should know about?


  1. Belle is just beautiful! Molly too, but it seems Belle has turned into a GIRL, and a cute one at that! Glad Christmas #1 was a success...we like to cram all ours into one weekend!

  2. What a lovely time :) The camera photos are so much fun! Sophie has trouble remembering to not cover the lens - so we have lots of photos with her finger in them!