The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Five-My date with PW

Last night I met PW (obviously since I am in a picture with her).  She was as nice as I imagined she would be and as expected about 1000+ other ladies in Tulsa also feel that they should be besties with her.  So today's Friday Five is all about my date with the wonderful Ree Drummond.  And just so you know...her and I really would get along fabulously (both OSU fans, both love her cooking, she homeschools and I am thinking of homeschool, the list could go on and on).  So here goes, five things to know before a PW book signing.

1.  When you go to a Pioneer Woman book signing be prepared to wait a very, very, very, very long time.  PW takes time to talk to everyone who is there and is happy to take a picture (or two) together, and sign your book (or books in many cases).  If there are babies involved it will take even longer as PW held lots of babies. 

2.  If you are lucky enough to be at an event where they are serving food from her recent cookbook you must try the Pots de Creme.  Pronounced Po de Krehm.  If they don't have any, you should go home and make some.

3.  Do not practice over and over what you are going to say to PW, because then when you actually do say it, you sound like a MAJOR dork.  At least that is what I have heard.

4.  Take a friend with you.  See #1.  It would have been nice to have someone to chat with during the three hours I was there.

5.  If you are standing less than six feet away from Marlboro Man try not to stare too much.  I was for reals that close to the MM himself and didn't even realize it.  Once I did, I noticed I kept looking at him.  There is something about a good looking cowboy in boots, starched shirt and cowboy hat.  Speaking of cowboys, I also got Cowboy Josh to sign my book!  Don't know who MM and Cowboy Josh are?  Here are a couple of pics.

Cowboy Josh

Marlboro Man
I had a great time and am glad I waited the three hours to get my books signed.  I took both cookbooks and Isabelle's Charlie the Ranch Dog book.  My obsession continues!


  1. So glad you got to do this! Love you kiddo.

  2. DUDE!!! Why didn't you tell me you were going!? I wanted to but didn't have anyone to go with. If I'd known I would've waited 3 hours with you.

    1. omg...i totally wish i would have. i didn't know you were a pw lover!!! now i am bummed!!! we could have chatted and caught up for three hours. so sorry!

  3. That's so stinkin' cool!! Glad she was as cool as we'd hoped!