The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some things

I have six recipes from my new Pioneer Woman cookbook picked out to make in the next two weeks. 

Isabelle has developed a new funny habit of getting very upset about the smell of her farts, or Molly's farts, or Lawson's poop.  She gets so upset she is almost crying and begs us to, "make the shooey go away."  It is hysterical.

Molly's pinching is on the decline.  Belle has no new scratches.  Not because of anything I have done, just luck I suppose.  Luck and prayer.

I joined twitter.  I felt a little left out.  Everything these days seems to be on twitter. 

For some reason with Lawson I really get the phrase, "they get big so fast."  I didn't feel this way with Belle or Molly, but with Lawson I really do feel how fast time is going by.

When you have two kiddos in cloth diapers, and you only bought enough for one child, you wash diapers A LOT.

Molly is ready to be potty trained, but her parents have no time to do it.  Sad story.

I am having a hard time finding a way to teach my kids about Jesus/God/the Gospel everyday.   I am hoping that pinterest has some ideas.

I have officially started getting ready for the upcoming OSU Scrub Run.  It is on April 14th and my goal is to be able to jog (not run, not walk) the whole thing. 

My weight loss is at a standstill.  I am beyond frustrated.  Hopefully starting to work out will help things along.

Lastly, it is insanely warm for march here in OK.  85 today, high 70's and low 80's the rest of the week.  I hate it.


  1. sweetheart, they will see the Gospel, Jesus and God lived out in you and your husbands lives. i wish i learned this while my kids were small. as far as some other suggestions teach them simple songs and help them memorize Bible versus, with a treat when they do. my grandfather helped me as a kid so when i got to Sunday school i would get a tootsie pop! i was so excited and pleased that i had made him proud of me. although he is 1 person as a kid i knew was proud of me and loved me oh so much. they have great cousins that walk out their faith daily. they are incredible for their age. you and j are doing such a great job. as their poppy, i could not be more proud of you and j. it is nice to know they are in such good and capable hands.

  2. Wow - you have a LOT going on :)

    First, find me on twitter!! My user is AurieGood - and let me know so I can follow you :)

    Second, your kids are getting God's love and wonder every day with you. Just the way you talk and treat them gives them a peek into His mercy and grace.

    Third, the potty training. Oh, the potty training. Sigh. My Bella really should be starting, but she has no interest and I have no time. Sad, but SO true!!

  3. That's quite a list!! I'm sure you look great, and the jogging will definitely change things! Belle's toots makes me laugh.

  4. I have no "ideas" about teaching the girls about Jesus every day, but there is a Bible that I want to buy them. I've looked at it at a friends and it doesn't skip over the difficult things like most kids bibles do. I mean, obviously it probably doesn't mention David's adultery with Bathsheba, but you get my drift.

    Also, Twitter!! REally? Okay I'm finding you later. Not that I've been especially active lately, but still.

    Roxy does something similar with Haven's poo's or if I pick a booger out of her nose. She doesn't talk about the smell or anything she just gags! Like full on, vomit almost coming up, gagging. It's funny, but only because she doesn't vomit.