The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, June 18, 2012

Around Here

Here's what's been going on around our house (and some pics of the kiddos)!

Last week we went in for some blood work for Molly to figure out if she has any food allergies.  We have been dealing with her "sensitivities" for awhile now and it feels like we are perpetually figuring out foods that don't agree with her and her stomach.  The blood work came back today and just as I suspected, no allergies came up.  SO frustrating.  I knew she probably didn't have any true allergies, but rather is just sensitive to some foods, but I wish I could know in advance which foods so that I didn't have to keep discovering new ones on my own.  Plus, poor Molly....who wants to feel sick to their stomach all the time, not to mention that she has non stop diaper rash from all the poop.  (sorry for the tmi)  So we will continue to keep a food log and watch for foods that don't agree, but really I am just sick of it all!

totes adorbs

In other news, Isabelle has a fun new saying!  Just kidding.  It really drives me crazy.  Whenever she wants something and is being told she can't have it, but then continues to ask and gets in trouble for asking over and over she will shout, "Never mind!"  Doesn't that sound just precious? 

from our recent trip to the zoo

Lawson is good, getting big.  Tomorrow he will be five months so I will do a five month post for him.  When we were at the doctor today I saw two newborn babies.  It made me realize just how fast they get big.  Lawson is only five months and he looks huge compared to a little baby.  It also made me slightly want another one.  Slightly.

moo with uncle dan at the zoo

My girls have been swimming like crazy.  Both are becoming expert swimmers.  Isabelle likes to have on water wings and swim all over the pool.  Molly on the other hand likes to go down the steps, get to the bottom step and then push off and swim underwater to either Jason or me.  They are both like little fishes.

also at the zoo

The summer bucket list is still in progress, but might need to be revised for Molly's diet!  Hoping to get the sidewalk paint project in this week! 
As for Jason, he is working like crazy.  Not as crazy as a month ago, but still pretty busy.

the cutest

And me, well, I am wrapped up in a current obsession...prek home school.  I would really like to find a curriculum (which I think I have at and start working with Isabelle this fall.  Technically, she could not start a prek program until next year, but I think she is beyond ready.  She already knows so much and is interested in learning more. 
Happy Monday.


  1. Cuties!! Have you tried a prebiotic for Molly? Email me if you want more info...

    1. we are doing probiotics like crazy people....not sure how much they are helping!

  2. Sorry that your little one is having digestive issues. We have that our Bella still. She reacts to excessive acidic items {fruits, juices, tomato paste, etc} so we have learned to be very careful how much she has. We also can only use Luvs diapers {thankfully they are cheap!} and Pampers Wipes in the white box {can't remember the name}. Anything else and she breaks out. Also - purple Desetin is our friend. Sigh.

    So cool that you are ready to homeschool :) We did preschool with Sophie last year and she loved it....and Bella has already picked so much info!!

  3. I'm definitely going to take a look at that homeschooling blog. My issue is time and more importantly an actual plan!!! So I'm hoping to have one (a plan) by the fall.

    Oh and with Roxy, whenever I tell her no or she continues to ask etc, SHE says, "Just kidding." or "I'm just soaking." (joking) She also has started saying, "So, mom, um, I've never had one of these today." This is when she's asking for something she's unsure I'll say yes to. It's like a preemptive to I'm just kidding.

    P.S. where are the girls swimming? I want Roxy to learn so badly this Summer. She freaks when water gets on her face, but I think it's super important.

    1. my mom has a neighborhood swimming pool that we have been going to, but we also like the ba city pool and are considering trying the one in glenpool. maybe one day (if the hubs can come also) we can go....i can't do it on my own with both girls and lawson! and fyi..that blog is pretty great. i downloaded her prek and k4 materials and LOVE them.