The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Five-Father's Day

Father's Day is Sunday and so today's post is a thank you of sorts to my wonderful husband. 

When your kids are super little (like ours...all three ages three and under) they can't really show or tell you how much they appreciate what kind of parent you are.  In fact, probably they won't tell you until they are much, much, much older.  So it is important to remind your spouse what a good parent they are when their special day rolls around (and probably more often than that!).

So here goes, five reasons that J is a spectacular dad.  In no particular order and clearly not a comprehensive list.

1.  J plays with the kids.  Like gets down on their level to do what they want to do.  Not what he wants to do, or what he has time or energy to do, but what they want to do.  If they want to play outside, he goes outside.  Read a book, yep he'll do that.  Color, fingerpaint, play-doh?  Yep, yep and yep.  He puts their needs/wants ahead of his own every time.  I am pretty sure they will remember this.

first time holding belle
2.  J gets up with the kids every single morning.  That's right.  He is the one to get up with them (at 6am), get their milk, turn on their favorite show, and snuggle up on the couch.  This momma almost always gets to sleep until 7am (sometimes later!!!).

first time holding molly moo
3.  J is a good and patient teacher.  Kids need someone who is patient to teach them new things.  I am not especially good at that.  J is great.  Like when he taught Isabelle about fishing.  Or when he works with the girls to help them get dressed or put on shoes and they insist on doing it by themselves.  He doesn't flip out or get frustrated.  He just helps them and shows them how to do whatever it is they are trying to learn.

you guessed it....holding laws
4.  J is a hard worker.  All the time, no matter what the project, for work or for home, Jason is a hard worker.  And I am not saying that because I am his wife.  Just ask his boss, or his colleagues, or people in his field, or his closest friends.  They will all agree with me.  Whether his kids realize it now or ever, he works hard for them and for our family.

funny faces with belle
5.  J does the girls' hair and paints their nails.  I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but the girls think it is the best thing ever.  I am sure that when Lawson is older he will do equally as cool things with him.  It is the small things, the details that make him such a good father.  Yes, he is good at the big things, but he is good at the details also.  Details matter, details are what is remembered. 

Happy Father's Day, Jason.  You are truly an amazing husband and father and we are so blessed to have you!  I love you.

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