The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A List

1.  I have decided to do homeschool preschool with the girls.  Isabelle technically would not be able to start preschool until next fall, but I think she is ready and most of the material Molly can do also.  If preschool goes well, I may just decide to keep going...who knows.

this has nothing to do with this post, but i think she is so darn cute!

2.  I watched Forks Over Knives the other day on netflix and it has rocked my world.  No, I am not going totally vegan this instant (i love cheeseburgers and ice cream too much)....but who knows, I might one day.  For now we are working on eliminating the vast majority of meat out of our diets.  I really believe everyone should watch these types of movies (like this one and food inc. and many like them) and be more informed, but that isn't American's style now is it?  Crazy to think how many people suffer from obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. and won't try something so simple as changing their diet.  Notice I said simple, not easy.  Okay, I will step off the soapbox now.

just another cute picture.

3.  Saying I am going to homeschool and looking into veganism makes me sound like quite the hippie.  I assure you I am not.  Of course, I don't fully immunize my kiddos either so maybe I am???

4.  I took the girls to story time at the library yesterday.  They had a great time and I think we are going to make it a weekly thing.  The funny thing is I told them to be quiet and sit still while we were there so during the song time when the other kids were standing up and singing, my kids were just sitting there looking confused.  Mom fail.  Next time I will tell them just to obey the teacher!!!!

5.  Lawson is getting too big.  I want my baby back. (in my head is the baby back ribs song)  It is high time he should be sleeping through the night and instead he is getting up again.  I should let him cry it out but I am terrified, TERRIFIED of him waking up the girls.

6.  One of the most exciting things that has happened to me this past week was learning how to use emoticons on my phone.  True story.

7.  I want to move to Minnesota or Alaska, or Antartica.  Somewhere cold.  Very, very cold.  It is going to be over 100 here again 106.  I hate hot.  HATE HOT.

8.  I have become slightly depressed over never being able to check off laundry or dishes from my to do list.

9.  Did I mention how much I hate hot weather? 

10. Right at this very moment my girls are jumping from the chair to the table to the other chair in my living room while throwing plastic french fries all over the place.  I think I am going to lose my mind!

11.  Isabelle used her newfound scissor skills to cut her hair this past week.

I am ending on #11 to see if my bro, Danny, reads this.  He hates odd numbers.  And prime numbers.  We are a weird group!


  1. I hate odd, prime #'s too!! I was terrified that jack would be born on 5-19...horror. Hot here too, ugh. I'm a hippy too, and proud of it. Laundry sucks...and makes me hot...fold clothes out of the hot dryer? Gag. Good job for starting preschool work! Kiddos are toats adorbs...:-)

  2. You are a hoot! Love every crazy fiber of your being!

  3. What a fun post :) Good luck on the homeschool jump - it's crazy but can be so fun!!

    I love the photo of your little man with the *roar* onesie - seems appropriate :)

    1. very appropriate! i'll keep you posted how hs goes once we get started!

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    1. i told you, a hippie. you should watch that movie.