The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eleven Months

Not a lot has changed in regards to Lawson this month.  I don't want to sound overly complain-y, but we are still dealing with an ear infection.  Because of his ear pain, Lawson isn't really feeling like eating.  After a week long nursing strike, he did start nursing again, but only a little and really only at night.  Some days he will nurse during the day, but it is rare.  We have tried bottles, cups, formula, juice, pedialyte, and nursing while he is sleeping.  Not much is working.  Ugh.

enjoying his avocado lunch!

Here is some more info on Lawson at eleven months old.

Height and Weight:  Weight is back down to 17lbs and 13oz.  We had made it above 18lbs but not for long!  Not sure how long he is, but we will find out at next months one year well check.  I hate that he has lost weight as he was already a little on the small side. 

Eating:  We have started feeding him an avocado a day along with the rest of his food to try and get some extra calories and fat in him!  He still doesn't have any teeth, so his food choices are still kind of limited.  He eats oatmeal with banana for breakfast, lunch is avocado and a banana or pear, dinner is some type of veggie/meat combo and then he is nursing sporadically during the day.

Sleeping:  Lawson. Is. Not. Sleeping.  Up at least once every hour at night.  Naps are better.  He will usually sleep for two hours during the day.

Likes:  Playing the Dora guitar, playing with sisters' princess castle, eating puffs, being held.

Dislikes:  Nighttime, eating, taking medicine.

Milestones:  Crawling!!!!  Whoo Hoo!!!  Lawson has been mostly doing his army crawl until this month when he finally started actually crawling.  He has also started pulling up on the furniture.  Just when I thought he wasn't going to be walking for a very, very, long time, he surprises me and masters crawling and pulling up in one month. 

I love Lawson so much.  I am so blessed to be his mom.  I know that one day this time in our lives will seem like it went by very quickly despite how long it feels right now.  He is such a sweet baby and I hope that next month I will be reporting on a healthy and fat little guy!


  1. I'm so sorry that he is struggling - and I'm sorry that you aren't getting any sleep!! {{hugs}} and prayers for quick healing!

  2. Gosh he's cute...those eyes!! Poor buddy...I hate that about his ears!! Hoping you guys are able to get things smoothed over soon.

  3. so sorry about his lil ears. it's so hard for them(and mama) when they hurt and can't explain it to you:(