The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Embracing Ten Years

Today I am celebrating ten years of wedded bliss with the greatest husband a girl could ask for.  Seriously, he is pretty amazing.  I could list all of the ways he is wonderful, but I would hate to look like I am bragging. 

It is days like today I wish I had a scanner, so I could post some pics of our early days together.  We had some rockin' hair.  By we, I mean Jason.  Instead, you will get pictures of us since we entered the digital world. 

  Seattle November 2004

 Smoky Mountains October 2006

Rhema December 2006

 Our backyard May 2007

Fourth of July COTM 2007

 Buffalo National River October 2007

Rhema December 2007

Badminton Tournament Our Yard May 2008

Big Cedar 2009

Right before Molly arrived March 2010

 C.C. Miller pic November 2010

Throughout our marriage there have been ups and downs.  We have lost four grandparents, moved six times, had two children and have one on the way, changed jobs, changed churches, been broke, had money, been broke again, had friendships change, gained weight, lost weight, gained weight, lost weight, fought, made up, prayed together, laughed together, cried together and been exhausted together.  Through all of it, there is no one else I would have wanted by my side other than Jason. 

Jason has been my best friend from the moment I met him.  We got along instantly and have been getting along pretty great since then.  The past ten years of marriage and the past 13 years of knowing him have been the greatest of my life.

Happy Anniversary, J.  I love you!


  1. Happy Anniversary, sister! I know you know this but I am so thankful for a brother-in-law who is actually like a brother and who I can trust completely with my very best friend! I am so proud of the way that you two have done things, the kind of marriage you have and the parents you are! I believe the next 10 years will be even better!

  2. Congrats my friend, congrats!

  3. I met the two of you in 1999. I must say that you have come a long way and I am proud of the two of you. Three kids are a blessing, but they do keep you on your toes. Congratulations and hope that the next ten are even better than the last. We have had 3 grands the last two weeks. It has brought back old memories. Take care. Love to all!