The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Well, today is Wednesday and while I haven't been up-chuck free the past few days, it has definitely slowed down.  Yesterday I only threw up when I was driving!  The girls are having a hard time getting back into some sort of routine that doesn't consist of me in the bathroom all day and them getting to watch unlimited amounts of television.  I too, am having a hard time being productive.  I mean, I know that I should be getting things done, but I am not super motivated to make it happen. 

So today is a new day....kind of.  I am hoping to get some housework done, perhaps get some MK business done, and spend some good time with the girls.

On an unrelated note, I have had something funny to share about Isabelle for a while, and just never got around to posting.  Since I am feeling a little better I figured why not?

Isabelle's newest addition to her required stuffed animal/toy collection that must be taken to bed each night is an emesis basin.  That's right, a vomit container.  It all started back when she was sick and we had been to the doctor.  While we were there the doctor had to do a throat swab and when she did she gave me the basin in case Belle got sick while she was doing the swab.  Well, she didn't get sick, but she also didn't want to let go of the "bucket" as she calls it.  She was adamant that we take it home and since then has been playing with it and sleeping with it all the time.  She puts her jewelery in it, cuddles up with it at night, and should it fall behind the bed in the middle of the night, makes J get up and get it and put it back in bed with her.  It is pretty weird/funny.  My daughter is a very unique child.  Of all the things she wants to take to bed with her, this is the most interesting.  Here is a pic of her with her bucket.

Today, it was a container for her crayons.  I have tried hiding it and she never forgets to ask about her bucket.  I can't wait to see what gets added to the bedtime stash next!

Hope to be back tomorrow for Embrace!

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    I love that little quirky girl of yours.