The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Fun

First, I want to say that I am sorry for the lack of blog posts lately.  Truth be told, most days I am either using my free time to throw up or to sleep.  This time around I am having morning sickness, or rather, all day sickness and I am more tired than I remember being with either Isabelle or Molly.  Maybe that means this is a boy!  So, as you probably already noticed, blogging has been a little further down on my priority list.  I am hopeful that will improve after the first trimester.

Now, back to our weekend fun! 

On Saturday, Isabelle and I went out to Thunderbird Farm and picked blueberries with my wonderful sister and her kiddos.  We had a great time and came home with lots of yummy blueberries!

Isabelle when we first arrived.  They gave her a little blue bucket for her to put her berries in.

Isabelle with cousin Cait.  I think Belle ate more than she picked!

Since it was just Isabelle and I, I wanted to get a pic of the two of us, but she would have no part of it.  Next time I will remember to do it at the beginning and not right when we are leaving!

Sunday, Jason and I took both girls to the Jenks splash pad.  Molly was a little hesitant, but eventually got into it.  Isabelle on the other hand was running around from the time we got there until we bribed her to leave with the promise of ice cream.

It has been so hot here so it was nice to find a couple of things we could do without burning up! 

I hope you had a great weekend, and hope you have a great week.  And, if you have any great suggestions for how to ease morning sickness, shout 'em out.  So far crackers aren't doing it!


  1. Frequent snacking helped, but nothing really made it better for me either. I'm sorry. And the tiredness is just miserable too! Praying for you -

  2. WHAT?! Where have I been that I missed two posts talking about your new pregnancy?? So awesome! Maybe it IS a boy? :) I was sicker with both my boys than I am with a girl this time around...but I don't really believe in all of that ;) I hope you feel better soon. 2 things - I drank coffee alllll the way through this time. It's been great! And maybe ask your doctor for some zofran. You might only need for a little while. You want to function as much as possible through this part! Can't wait to hear more in the future! Congrats!

  3. Talk to Krista...remember she was sick the whole time with Dominic. I carried Ryan and Amanda more alike than I did Krista and Amanda. I was sick with them and not with Krista. Good luck!

  4. Grrr. I just posted a huge list and then blogger kaputed out on me. Stupid internet.
    Ginger. Ginger chews to suck on. the ginger people have a good one. Whole Foods. Ginger beer, ginger tea.
    Peppermint oil in hot water by (safely by) your bed.
    Acupressure wristband.
    Lemonade from Panera :)
    Or you can just lay on the couch and let your daughters watch several hours of tv for the rest of your pregnancy while you fight off sleep, vomiting, and fainting from being so dizzy like I did this last pregnancy.
    This post isn't as in depth as my last one, but honestly, I love you, but I couldn't be bothered.