The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To Know or not to Know

With both of my first two pregnancies the decision to not find out the sex of the baby was easy.  Jason didn't want to know and I was cool with being surprised.  Honestly though, I said from the beginning with both that they were girls and I was right both times.  And while it is still a long while off before I could even find out, I can't make up my mind whether or not I want to be surprised again or to find out if it is a boy.  I am pretty convinced that it is a boy.  This pregnancy has been totally different and I would be shocked to find out I was having another girl.  There are pros and cons on each side and Jason is cool with whatever.  Before you say something like, "I could never wait, I am such a planner," you should read a little more about me.  I am an ultra planner.....totally Type A personality.  BUT.....there is something pretty wonderful about hearing, "It's a girl/boy," right at the moment that precious baby arrives.  So I am still stuck.  Still undecided.  I have two months to decide and hopefully by then I have made up my mind.

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  1. It's pretty exciting to find out whether by sonogram or in person. I couldn't wait, but the fact that you did it with both your girls...makes you one of my new heroes! ha ha