The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Five-Updates

I really wish that I had been able to take a pic with Lawson yesterday for Embrace the Camera, but I didn't.  Seems like Thursday sneaks up on me every week and every week it is over before I know it and I have no picture.  Hopefully Lawson will forgive me for the lack of pictures when he is older.


Here is what is happening at our house these days....

1.  Molly's tongue is almost all the way healed.  It is amazing how quickly your mouth heals.  Also amazing was the fact that I did not pass out or vomit when it happened.  There is no way the picture showed how deep the hole was...but man was it gross. 

2.  Isabelle is doing great.  We can tell a MAJOR difference now that her adenoids are out.  Probably the biggest difference is her eating.  It is crazy to see how much she eats at dinner now.  Before we were struggling to get her to eat one or two bites of something that she had requested to eat.  She never ate what I had fixed for dinner and every night would ask for a quesadilla or bean burrito or mac and cheese and then would hardly eat a bite.  Now she eats whatever I have fixed, asks for seconds and says how yummy it was.  She has gone from eating no meat, to eating a whole chicken breast plus whatever else we are serving.  It is crazy.  Last night while I was tucking her in she said, "That chicken was yummy."  So crazy.  Also a major difference is her sleeping.  She has slept in her own bed without waking up for two solid weeks.  Jason is finally not having to give up his side of the bed!

3.  Lawson's gas seems to be improving.  He is sleeping better at night and seems to have an improved disposition during the day.  He is still not a fan of being put down, which makes the day hard, but we are working on it.

4.  I have lost weight.  So far a little over 5lbs.  Slow going, but I am pretty sure you aren't supposed to lose a rapid amount of weight quickly when you are nursing.  I weigh myself on Sundays, so maybe I will update again on Monday.  I also think that J and I are going to run a 5k in April (run being a very loose term), so training for that should help.

5.  March is going to be a crazy month for me.  Every weekend is full and every week has something going on during the week also.  I will go to my sister's marathon in Little Rock, go to a bachelorette party, host a wedding shower, work at Babyfest for Mary Kay, go to a rehearsal dinner and then the following day be in a wedding, and then the last weekend I will have Molly's bday.  Oh and did I mention that Jason is going out of town for two days????  I think that March might be a little stressful!  Wish me luck.

Hope you have a glorious weekend.


  1. That's crazy and wonderful about Molly's tongue. Although I vaguely remember hearing that they heal quickly.
    That's crazy and wonderful about Belle. Maybe Roxy needs her's out and then she'll eat dinner better and sleep in her own bed. I asked her tonight if she was ever going to sleep in hers and she flat out told me, "nope."

    Good luck with the running, and March. It's going to be crazy here too I think. I keep debating a party for Haven. Which would be an excuse to throw mine in the mix since it's only 2 days apart...hmmmmmm

  2. How lovely that her tongue healed so well :) That's great!!

    sounds like you have quite the month coming up - you can do it :)