The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Pinterest Fail

First, let me say, Happy Valentine's Day.  I love Valentine's Day for so many reasons, not just because I have a great hubby (love story here).  It is also a day to celebrate my love for my kiddos, my love for my family and friends, and also a day to celebrate the greatest love of all, my love for Jesus!  So, I hope you have a great Valentine's Day even if you don't have a sweetie to celebrate with.

Now, on to my attempt to have my girls make Jason some seriously cute cards.  I got the idea from pinterest.  I have recently been attempting several pinterest projects and so far, none of them have turned out the way I want.  Perhaps the problem is me....or the fact that my kids are not quite 2 and 3 and perhaps, just perhaps, the projects are too hard???  Or maybe my kids just didn't get the super gifted at crafts gene?  Either way, I think I am taking a break from pinterest projects for awhile.  They are hurting my self esteem.

Here's how it all went down.  First, I very carefully covered the kitchen table in paper as to not get it dirty.  I considered myself very smart for this first step.  Next, I got out the red finger paint that Isabelle got for Christmas.  Then, since I couldn't figure out any other way to get the paint onto their hands, I squirted a massive amount of paint out onto a plate for them to dip their hands in.  I secured some sheets of paper for them to use and then called them into the kitchen.

I started with Isabelle and after using all the paper I had prepared with not a single good hand print, much less two together in the shape of a heart, I got very discouraged.  I used my one hand that was not covered in red paint to get more paper out and continued to try again.  I finally got her to do a good one....on the middle of the paper...with no room for a second one.  That is when I gave up.  I decided to just do one per page and call it good.  Of course after we were done, she would go on to make several great hand prints on the paper over the table.....

this is the face she made when asked to smile....notice all the hand prints???

Molly's one single hand print proved to be much more difficult.  She would smear it around every time instead of just putting it down and picking it back up.  So again, I had to search for more paper and continue to try and try again.  Finally, I got one..kind of.  Molly did not really understand that the paint was just for the paper.

she sure is cute!
The cards look absolutely nothing like I wanted.  I have a feeling Jason will still like the ones we made.  He is pretty awesome like that.

And, for the record, it wasn't as big of a mess as I thought finger paints would be.  In fact, I may let them do it again sometime, with all the colors!

What are you doing to celebrate Valentine's Day?


  1. LOL - I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who fails at crafts :) Good for you to put down paper - I generally forget that step!! For handprints I used a {wait for it...} pastry brush to even out the paint. Sigh.

    We have no plans for today since Ken teaches tonight. Just a lazy girls night with my girls :)

  2. A for effort! So impressed you even attempted finger paints. Jason will love em!

  3. as a dad let me tell you that it does not matter how they turn out but who tried. your dad

  4. You should've contacted me ;P I did work with kids in a school setting for quite some time. Next time, if you want, get a paint brush, paint their hand, smoosh it on the paper (with your hand guiding) and then wipe off, paintbrush, smoosh, wipe, repeat.
    It's not "authentically" theirs but that's probably how the pinterest people got theirs looking so good.
    And yes I'm sure J loved it.