The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh, March

I must tell you that I have hated this winter.  We have had no snow.  Okay, we have had some snow.  But not a day where it really snowed.  You know, the kind of snow that shuts down schools and roads and prevents people from getting out and about.  The kind of snow that keeps J home from work and we are forced to stay inside and have a family day.  I wanted just one of those snows.  I wanted to take pictures of the girls playing and making a snowman all bundled up in cute winter gear.  But, no.  No snow.

And now it is almost March and my hopes of the BIG ONE are pretty much destroyed.


Something exciting is happening in March.  March 13th to be exact.  It isn't one of the weddings I am attending, it isn't Molly's birthday or my sister's marathon.  Nope, none of that fun stuff I mentioned on Friday.

March 13th is the day I will be driving to the bookstore to grab my copy of this....

I am so excited I can hardly stand it.  And, to make it even better I am thinkin' I may head on over to her Tulsa book signing event to meet her in person!

If you haven't got her first cookbook, you should go get it.  Now.  For reals.  It is amazing.  A few of my fav's from that book....Comfort Meatballs, Enchiladas, Cinnamon Rolls, Blackberry Cobbler, Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Fried Steak, and Brisket.

I can't wait!

ps.  spell check seems to be on a if I have misspelled words...I am sorry!


  1. don't you wish someone would make about 10 of your most favorite of her meals and lay them buffet style out all just for you. and your pa! we could just sit there and eat and visit and laugh, laugh, laugh.

  2. Sounds amazing - thanks for the heads up!

    I'm personally thankful that we have escaped snow so far :)

  3. I keep meaning to make one of her book signings but it's never happened yet! March is super busy for us too with birthdays (mine, Haven's, my brothers, and a few other people I know...businessy stuff, hopefully a job change for Dave...sigh, maybe I'll get there this year.

    1. i am not sure when it is but pretty sure the end of the month, and at night...wanna go?