The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cell Phones, Broken Fingers and Sick Kids

Sadly I again did not meet my self imposed deadline of posting on Friday.  It was a crazy day and thankfully it is over.  We are a mess.

Thankfully my mother in law, Debi, was here yesterday watching the girls.  I was originally supposed to have three Mary Kay appointments which turned into one Mary Kay appointment!  Normally I would have used that extra time to make customer phone calls or do data entry or something else job related, but instead I got to spend well over 2 hours dealing with my broken cell phone.  I am currently not receiving phone calls, voice mails or text messages, making life a little challenging when a large part of my business is being on the phone!  Also, I like to talk to my sister during the day and I am pretty sure I missed at least two good opportunities to chat with her yesterday!

As for the broken finger issue....well, that is Jason and not me.  Last Sunday at football, Jason injured his pinkie finger on his right hand.  He maintained all week long that even if it was broken, there was nothing to be done about it anyway, so why go to the doctor.  I urged him to go, but had no luck. Jason decides perhaps he should go have it looked at and of course it is broken and not just a little, but majorly broken and now he has to go see a specialist on Monday to find out if he needs a screw to fix it!

Lastly, yesterday Molly started getting a little runny nose.  It has progressed to where I am pretty sure she feels miserable.  She is not sleeping because she can't breathe, not eating because she can't breath and therefore is one tired, hungry, cranky kiddo.  When she was just a little baby she spent many nights sleeping in the swing because of congestion.  I think she has had enough, because even though it keeps her propped up and breathing, she wants no part of the swing today.  I personally think my girls have allergies, but according to the medical community, kids that are as young as Isabelle and Molly can't have allergies so who knows. 

A day late, but I got it done!  Probably not the exciting, funny, inspiring blog I had hoped for, but done nonetheless!

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