The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day is here!

Today is an exciting day for Isabelle (and the rest of the family also!).  Today, Isabelle gets to see PawPaw (Jason's dad) and Grandma Elaine.  They are coming in from Seattle for the long weekend and Isabelle couldn't be more excited.

Now, last time PawPaw was here was when Molly was born and it took Isabelle a couple of days to warm up to him.  She was in the middle of the 'stranger anxiety' phase and since she doesn't get to see him very often (with the exception of Skype), she wasn't quite sure what to think.  This time will be different.

You see, Isabelle has developed a love for photos lately and since I cannot hold her up to look at the pictures on the wall all day long, my sister suggested we give her some snapshots of her own to look at.  Great idea!!!  So we gave Isabelle a few pictures and she has been carrying them around looking at them for over a week.  One of the photos was PawPaw with Molly and it might be Isabelle's favorite.  I am convinced that now when he gets here, she will actually recognize him and not run away in terror as she has been known to do when she doesn't know someone. 

This has proven to be such a great idea that I will do it when anyone is getting ready to come into town.  I know that Isabelle loves her grandmas' and grandpas' very much, but when she isn't able to see them all the time, it is likely she will forget who they are.  Now while I realize everyone knows this and isn't mad at Isabelle, I know that grandparents do not respond well to their grandchildren running for mom and dad each time they come over...SO the pictures just might help alleviate this problem. 

Another great idea that came from the love of photos was to make Isabelle a photo book (from shutterfly) that has pictures of the family.  My sister suggested this one also and I cannot wait to give Isabelle her family photo album for her birthday in November!  Thanks for the great ideas sis!

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