The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, September 13, 2010


Because it is Monday, because Mondays are my day to discuss the kiddos and our crazy life, and because I haven't done an update in a while, here it update on our crazy life!

Isabelle is showing obvious signs of getting ready to turn two.  If you saw us out in public you would for sure recognize her as a two year old complete with a vocabulary dominated by the word NO.  She likes that word.  

Me:  "Isabelle, would you like to eat some breakfast?"

Isabelle:  "No."

Me:  "Isabelle would you like to play toys?"

Isabelle:  "No."

Me:  "Isabelle, stop riding your sister."

Isabelle:  "No."

It is never ending.  She says no even when it is obvious she wants to say yes.  I have tried to stop saying words like no and mine so that she will not repeat them as much.  Who knows if that will work, but I am going to try it.

She is also very close to potty training.  She can tell you after she has gone and can sit on the potty with the best of them, but she will not GO on the potty.  The fact that I just typed the word potty three times is astonishing to me.  What has my life come to that I have this much to say on the topic of potty.  And the truth is, I could probably type three paragraphs about our adventures in potty training.  AHHH..there it is again.  Needless to say, her mother is most likely the issue at this point.  I have no idea how to go about getting a two year old out of diapers.  But rest assured, I have checked out 10 books from the library and am confident one of them can help.  I am hoping it is the one titled, Potty Training in a Day or something like that.  I like the idea of one day.  Can that even be true?

Molly is still the adorable, easy going child I brought home.  Pretty sure she is in the middle of a growing spurt as she has started waking up once at night to eat.  Hopefully that will end soon!  She is getting more of a personality and is making a lot of noise when she is awake laughing and squealing.  Still no crawling, but sooooo close.  We have made no more progress on the rice cereal.  Watching her eat you would think I am feeding her actual crap.  WOW...potty and then crap.  Perhaps I should wrap it up.

Jason and I are...well, sleep deprived.  Jason has been working long hours and had a big presentation last week that went very well.  He is so talented it makes me sick.  Mary Kay is great.  Glad I worked the JBF sale and will probably do it again.  As with everything, you get out what you put in and now that I am actually working again things are looking up! 

We had family in town most of the last week.  Jason's dad was here Saturday of Labor Day weekend through Tuesday and my dad stayed this past Friday through yesterday.  We had great visits with both.  Isabelle is still not sure where PawPaw, Elaine and Poppy are, but I am sure she will recover. 

So all that to say, we are doing great.  Dealing with potty, sleep deprived and busy beyond what we would have ever imagined, but great.  Wouldn't trade it for anything. 

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