The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, August 30, 2010


Molly is five months old.  Just saying it makes me want to hurl.  Where has time gone?  I can't believe she isn't a little newborn anymore.  The two boxes of clothes I packed up that don't fit her anymore are not helping my state of mind.

She has also started rolling over from back to tummy, something which, if you don't know, is much harder than rolling from tummy to back.  Lucky for me she hasn't started rolling all over the floor yet, so I can hold on to immobility for a little longer.  She is also getting dangerously close to crawling, making that hilarious rocking motion every time she is on her tummy.  So, Molly is growing up and Isabelle is growing up and as it turns out, that means I too, am getting older.

Isabelle is finally and I mean FINALLY out of the cheese and crackers phase.  Partially because she has entered the cold oatmeal phase and partially because we ran out of cheese and crackers.  And in case you are wondering if I just said cold oatmeal, I did.  She likes oatmeal, but won't eat it until about 40 minutes after I have finished making it for her.  She is also back to eating peas and bananas which is a major blessing considering I was very concerned about the lack of nutrients from cheese and crackers.  Though, I don't know that peas or bananas are like the best fruit and veggie ever.

And now, despite the obvious lack of children updates, I must wrap it up.  I have just realized (as I write about how sad it is that Molly is five months) that today is Molly's five month visit to the doc and I have about five minutes to get ready and leave!  Off for two more shots.  Not sure who hates it more, Molly or me!  I will be sure to give you a height/weight update next Monday and let you know if Molly has exceeded the 100th percentile on weight or not!  That girl is a chunko.  See you Wednesday for another money saving tip.  Until then, bye!

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