The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Molly hates church.....

So, first let me say that I realize that I committed to posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and today is Tuesday and I did not post yesterday, and well...that is what you get when you have two under two and work and run a house!  Yesterday got away from me too fast and for that I am sorry!

Secondly, Molly doesn't really hate church, at least not all churches.  Only my mom's church, not our church.  Which is nice, because the bible study I am doing at my mom's church is only 11 weeks (2 of which I have already completed), while we will continue to go to COTM for much longer!!!! (again with the exclamation point)

Molly is probably the most easy going baby you have ever seen and yes, I know I said that about Isabelle, but I really mean it with Molly.  Seriously.  She was sleeping through the night pretty much the day we brought her home.  She will sleep anywhere you put her including her bouncy seat, car seat, floor, crib, pack in play, or even while you hold her, and she sleeps all the time (10 hours at night with at least 3 naps during the day 2 of which are 2 + hours).  She enjoys being awake also.  She loves tummy time (what kid does that??), loves her swing, likes to be on her playmat and in her bouncy seat.  This girl is easy.  Except at my mom's church.

Every Tuesday I take Molly into the nursery a happy, smiling, full and sleepy baby ready to sleep the class away and every Tuesday I pick her up and hear about what a nightmare she was during my class.  I have provided the nursery workers with anything they might need to make her happy like her paci, a bottle, a toy, a blanket, etc.  However, for the second week I have heard, "How do you do it?  She is so hard to get to sleep.  Is she always like this?"  It is a mystery to me.  No one else that has watched Molly has said anything other than to say what a wonderful baby she is.  I can't figure it out.  Do the nursery workers smell bad?  Is it too light inside the nursery to fall asleep?  Have these people ever worked with babies before?  I have no idea.  So for now, I will remain clueless.  Hopefully I will figure it all out before next Tuesday so the nursery workers will not beg me to leave and never come back!

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