The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ray LaMontagne

I am musically in love with Ray LaMontagne.  Not in love with Ray himself because 1. he is uglier than a butt and 2. I am already in love with my husband.  Perhaps that should be the other way around!  Oh well! 

I started listening to Ray after a coworker of Jason's had mentioned/played some of his music at work.  After one song, I was in love.  He currently has four albums out and yes, I do have them all.  Listening to his new album in my car yesterday I realized that I could easily come up with a list of things that feel like listening to Ray, or more simply, things that make me feel good, like I do when listening to Ray!  For example, listening to Ray Lamontagne is like driving with your windows down on a cool summer night, or sitting by a campfire, or being at Jenny Lake (my most favorite place EVER). 

So here is a list of some of my feel good things starting with, of course

1. Ray LaMontagne
2. Jenny Lake
3. Driving with the windows down
4. Camping (only when it is slightly cold outside, forget hot camping)
5. The quiet time before my kiddos wake up in the morning
6. Looking at the stars with my hubby out on the driveway (hope he doesnt' kill me for sharing a sappy fact about him!)
7. Talking on the phone with a good friend just to catch up and say hello
8. Coffee
9. A good fiction book
10. Walking on the beach
11. Driving the back roads between my mother in law's house in OKC and Norman at night, with Jason, again with the windows down.
12. Sleeping with Molly (I only do this in the mornings when I am mostly awake and there is NO chance Jason or I will roll on top of her or that she will roll off the bed or develop a bad habit of only sleeping while I hold her)

Okay, so not a long list, but a list of things that are feel good to me!  If you haven't checked out Ray LaMontagne, you should.  He is awesome.  I am musically in love with him. (this last statement was just for you, Carri as I know how much you LOVE it when I say that!!!)


  1. caitlin thinks that tracy rocks-caitlin wrote this!! lol