The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I love blogging. I don't know that I have said that before, but I do. I love it. I enjoy talking about my kiddos, keeping track of what they do and when, and being able to share our family with yours. That being said, I am going to write more, and with more focus. I am going to get more specific about what I blog about, post more often, and hopefully attract new readers! I have decided to try out some new topics beyond the girls and our life and write more about things I am passionate about. Don't worry, there will still be plenty of updates on the girls and what we are up to as a family and I have reserved each Monday to write about our crazy life! One of the first things I am going to start writing about is saving money. I am weird like that. I am passionate about saving money. Now, I am not crazy, just passionate. Which basically means there won't be any posts about how you can get $100 worth of groceries for $1, but I will discuss how I personally have saved a little bit of money each week. Wednesdays will be my money saving posts. I also have decided to make Fridays my day to blog about anything that strikes my fancy. Friends, family, fun facts that I have learned, books that I am reading, meals that I have cooked, and more will all be covered on Fridays. I realize I am taking on a pretty big project considering most months I have only been posting about three times, but I am excited and ready to take on the challenge. I hope you enjoy reading and I hope you share with your friends! Also, if you have suggestions on things you would like to read more about, let me know! See you tomorrow for my first Friday post about....well, whatever I want!

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  1. Well I am excited you will be writing more often! I will be looking forward to your posts! And can I just say I am still not over the fact that you cook :-D Funny how time will change things!